Dirty Little Secrets

Got to work in a flat spin this morning. Everything went wrong…I overslept a bit more than usual, had a fashion crises, a bad hair day and Darcy decides to choose the moment I`m walking out the door to announce that he is not well mommy (poor puppy). So, I arrive late. In my harassed state I basically fling myself into the lift, much to the amusement of two lanyarded, t-shirted, jeans wearing techies. I look crazy…bag over one shoulder, laptop over the other and I`m balancing my take-away coffee, a file and a diary.

And there we are…. we`re kind of doing the thing we all do in lifts…ignore each other, inspect the floor, ceiling, etc…

When the one techie says to the other, So, have you checked out Blogs.24? It`s seems to be quite cool. It`s like they`re going for a MySpace feel… and they proceed to launch into techie-speak. I have no idea what they`re saying, but I`m listening. Closely. It`s Blogs.24, right? And I`m curious about what these geeks are saying about my little cyber-home.


They have some cool blogs there. There`s this one chick at least I think it`s a chick Princess something or other…Ja. Cool blog. She`s slightly crazy though. But not crazy in a boil bunnies way. Crazy in a nice way. Princess something….mmm…Princess Diary? No, that`s not it. Anyway….Ja. You should check it out.

*At this point I`m staring rather fixedly at the keys on the floor indicater-thingie-me-bob. I think I might`ve been audibly hyperventilating too*

I`m blushing in a big way. The lift door opens…they turn to me, smile, the one guy winks and he says, It really is a cool blog. Have a good day, Princess.

Eek. The world is too small.

Ps: Guys, if you`re reading this….offer to buy me coffee next time, ok?

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