Memories, not a sound from the pavement…has the mooon lost her memories

Not funny? Don’t get it? Well, no… you wouldn’t, you had to be there. “There” was last night under stars on the beach. Maiden`s Cove to be exact.

I have many acquaintances…but my social circle is actually surprisingly small. I personally feel that you need to be able to count your most trustworthy friends on your hand and the moment you lose count, you`re entrusting your heart and your personal life to too many people.

A girl`s also got to have great girlfriends. Best girlfriends, you know. Women that support inspire and encourage. Women who have no qualms telling you that you`re full of crap and should get it together. Women who aren`t scared of you. Or too awed by you. Neither do they think of you as less than the person you are. I have three.

They are all amazing and, in their own way, they all bring something different to the friendship. There`s ex-roomie bf (absolutely gorgeous, flawless and my absolute voice of reason), then there`s baby-sis bf (pretty, quirky, 10 years younger, but so much wiser in many ways. She teaches me constantly because I see myself though her eyes. Daunting) and then, there`s Ash…. beautiful, mysterious and my rock. The quiet in my storm.

Yesterday was her *gasp* 30th birthday. Being Scorpio and intensely private, she (we) opted for a quiet day of girly fun. Not the massaging, facial, pedicure kind…no, the kind that would have made the FPU proud. We made cocktails, scoffed chips, I baked a bread from scratch (Yes, I CAN do everything :p) and she grilled fish. In all honestly we didn`t have to leave home to have a perfectly wonderful ‘cocktails and sun` day. Their home is located right on the Mouille Point beach front and after adjourning to the top level of their home we watched the waves, the shmodels (wanna-be models) and their agents trying to find parking for Wakami and the kugals walk their high-maintenance pooches in their over-priced R700 slip-slops from Aldo`s.

We spoke about everything and nothing…and it never ceases to amaze me that we have known each other for 10 years, know every single intimate detail of each other`s lives, every dark and dirty little secret…but by some twist of fate we not only end up working for the same department in the same company our office`s are opposite each other, doors facing. We speak everyday. And we fight and laugh and complain and debate every single day. And somehow, when we leave the office, there is still so much more to say. It`s a modern miracle, I tell you. But I digress…

Her fiancé and a mutual friend eventually joined us and we all headed down to Maiden`s Cove, which is cleaned and then locked up at night – but we rented it for privacy. The evening was amazingly surreal…four people renting out a beach area, lighting a fire and scoffing at least 4 bottles of Champers. And we sat around and, once again, spoke about everything and nothing. And toasted (often) and made really silly jokes in incredibly bad taste. It was quirky, different and incredibly memorable for all of us.

This morning I, finding myself in the weightless moment suspended between sleep and wakefulness, came to the conclusion that this is really what memories are about. My memory box is crammed to capacity with memento`s, notes, cards, theatre tickets, photo`s and the like (which reminds me, I have to find another memory box soon!). And if I should show anybody the contents of that box, it would just not make sense. It would seem incredibly trivial and irrelevant. But here`s the thing…what makes a memory?

I think it`s a snapshot of a moment or series of moments suspended in time. And when you close your eyes and think of that moment, you smile because you see that snapshot in your mind and smell the sea air and the warmth of the braai…and the echoing of laughter. And it reminds you of good times, good friends, good vibes.

And it is the promise of more of the same.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY ANGEL. You are an amazing woman, sister, fiancé and friend.

*This strangely nostalgic post is also dedicated to the very large feral cat population we encountered at Maiden`s Cove last night. We were entertained by McCavity and his merry feline bands rendition of Memories. We came to the conclusion that everybody wants to be a show tune kitty-cat.

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