Are you hitting on me?

Oi vey…Please tar me and feather me and call me inappropriate names…but what`s with the popularity contest we seem to be having on this blogsite? What is the ‘race` for most comments and hits….

Yeah, I know. Sounds pretty rich coming from someone who is at the top of both those lists. However, if I had no comments and no hits…I`d still be blogging and I would be content with the Echoes being a no-comment, no-hit blog (at least I could revel in my obscurity and say whatever the hell I like without repercussions).

Point is ladies and gents… most other blog sites do not have an overall hit counter or comment counter…neither do they have such a thing as favourite blogs. And do people scramble for first place…No. There`s no competition and accusations of foul play. Nothing of the sort. What there is, is a desire to enjoy good blogging. A community of people who enjoy blogging for what it is: Good reading fodder. Wordplay whether it be personal journals, pics, stories or random jokes.

And would you believe it…there are MANY inconsistencies on Blogs24. But nothing that can be manipulated by ONE blogger (unless they`re sitting there obsessively refreshing their blog). But yes…The hit count on the 24.Com site is not the same as that of Blogs.24. The most read blogs reflected when you use the blog search engine (right-hand side) occasionally includes blogs that doesn`t even appear in the ‘most read` section of the Blogs.24 homepage. So, it`s weird how the blog administrators make the decisions to leave some blogs as is (Beirut Diary is still on the site as top read even though he hasn`t blogged in months) or they promote other blogs, which is very new. But it`s all good! We want fresh blood, right? That`s why we post and read other blogs. That`s also how 24.Com make their money…by attracting new people, clever advertising, etc. And it`s the blog administrator`s job to keep it fresh.

So, what I`m saying is…hits, no hits…comments or no comments…why are you blogging? Are you blogging to BE seen? To BE read? To BE most popular.

Or are you blogging because at the onset you wanted to express yourself in a certain way. You wanted to journal, archive and have a home for all your thoughts, jokes, pictures,etc.

Mmm…And I`ll probably be lambasted for the above post. That`s ok. I`m sick of being accused of being an attention whore. Or being told that the comments and hits I have on my blog are unjustified and that the Echoes isn`t really worthy. For that matter, I`m just so tired of anybody getting the look from other bloggers because their hit count shoots up.

Now…I think I will be going for another top position. Most ignored blogger. Most rejected posts. Most ridiculed. …whatever.

Hit me with what you`ve got *grin*

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