All I want for Christmas

Ok….here’s the thing. I LOVE Christmas. Love it, love it, love it.

I don’t LOVE the shopping malls playing Christmas Carols and putting up the decorations in October. I don`t like the fact that it`s become all about the money.

Whatever your belief and religion, the Festive Season has always been a time for family, friends and fun. I am a total kid at Christmas. I LOVE pressies (although I`ve been receiving less and less as I get older). I observe the 12 days of Christmas, I put up a tree (and fight with Darcy not to steal the trimmings), any and all pressies are put under the tree till Christmas night. Promptly at midnight the MPU will make a toast (which over the years have become shorter and shorter…imagine having the pressure of all your kids and grandkids WAITING for you to finish up is proving too much for the MPU). We gulp down the champagne and tear into the pressies. Over the years, the family`s decided not to give expensive gifts anymore. We felt that we wanted it to be less about getting a present and more about the togetherness as a family. Doesn`t matter to me *grin* I get deliriously happy about a ROCK. Cover it in some shiny paper, slap a bow on it and I`m happy.

There are other festive season traditions I observe (somewhat) religiously and, leading up to the big day, will post about. One of those traditions is Four Chefs Fusion. Every year the Urban Family will get together to have a Pre-Christmas Dinner. Christmas is for family and we don`t really see each other till Boxing Day. For that reason we make time a day or two before to meet, eat and be merry.

Point is that I`ll be blogging my 12 days of Christmas this year with a Princess twist of course (ever the non-conformist).

I know that not everybody celebrates Christmas…but, for all intents and purposes, most people will celebrate the FESTIVE SEASON. So, forgive me if I start going slightly crazy around…oh…maybe the 15th or so of December.

Of course I have to mail my letter to Santa by 01 December…problem is I`m having trouble compiling my list. I really don`t know what I want or need. Need to think hard and long about this…because you sometimes get what you wish for *smile*

I want to know from you…What do you want for Christmas? (besides your 2 front teeth?) – and do you have any suggestions for my list?

Yes…I will, of course, be blogging and e-mailing my Letter to Santa this year…

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