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So I`ve actually been getting mails from people requesting updates on various things happening in my life at the moment. I have resisted long enough (the reason for stubbornly ignoring these requests is that this is my personal journal after all, and not ‘Entertainment Daily`. Oh well…).

On the topic of…


I have decided on the tattoo I want. As I missed my previous appointment, I`ve had to reschedule. Unfortunately, this means it will happen two weeks from now. Apparently this is a popular time of the year to have yourself inked…so, it`s take a number and stand in line.

The FPU and MPU

Are doing very very well. In fact, they`ve been spending a lot of time alone with each other – without the presence of the munchkin or the princess in the house. No, I don`t want to visualise what happens when we`re not there. Although, I`m hoping that they`re doing a lot of what the Princess hasn`t done in a while.

I`m obviously referring to holding hands.

The FPU continues to enthrall me with her blatant disregard for the fact that a) I have my own life and b) she does not have to arrange my social interactions with other people. This time round I`m referring to her summer plans. She`s gone ahead and made plans for me to join them (FPU, MPU and her sisters) at our holiday house over New Year. I mean…you have got to be kidding me! I`m not going to be on a beach with the FPU and her sisters when 01 January arrives. You know HOW I know this? The FPU and MPU have consistently fallen asleep at about 22h00 on New Year`s eve for the last 4 years.

So, the ensuing battle was funny from the munchkin`s viewpoint (she stood there grinning, confident in the fact that there was no way I was going to allow the FPU to derail our New Years plans to be with the Urban Family). The FPU hauled out every single weapon she had…even *gasp* ‘hurt` and ‘betrayal`.




My List

In January I compiled a list of 47 things I wanted to achieve this year. I should never have started it. *sigh* Oh well…I`m nowhere closer to achieving some of these goals, but that`s fine. I`m in a totally different and more positive space right now compared to last year. And really…I couldn`t ask for more. I like myself right now. And that makes everything and everyone around me so much sweeter.

Bugger this damn list. Damn it to hell.

My Single Status

(Yes, I actually get mailed about this a lot more than you`d think).

Yes. I am still single. For clarification, single means that I am not in a committed monogamous relationship with one person. Single does not mean Not Married. Single is single. It means Without the Marlboro Man.

Yes, I am going out on dates. Dates could imply coffee; it could imply dinner or a movie. When I`m dating, I`m not necessarily holding hands and coochie-coooing with any of these individuals. They understand where I`m at. Dating does not imply intimacy. And if it did, it wouldn`t be discussed on my blog. So, to the ladies and gents who asked… It`s not really something I want to discuss, but I`ll say it just this once – Accepting a date from somebody does not automatically imply that there will or won`t be intimacy. Especially when I am seeing more than one person at a time. Intimacy creates a new set of rules…rules that complicates the process of getting to know someone. It becomes….messy.

I have my own set of rules. Deal with it or don`t date me.

No, I have not met anyone REALLY special.

Yes, I thought once or twice that I had.

Yes, I`m hopeful about a certain someone I like a lot. But, I messed up and now I need to fix something that is broken. I am cautiously optimistic. If it works out, I`ll be happy. If it doesn`t, I`ll have the satisfaction of finally knowing where we stand.

Home Affairs

I was mugged in May and immediately applied for a temp ID and Passport, as well as a Permanent ID and Passport. I am past being shocked and astounded by the level of incompetence I have experience at the Department of Hopeless Affairs. Although I am not the type to hold someone hostage with a toy gun, I would seriously get ‘tetchy` if I had to find out that I have been unwittingly married to a Congolese Drug Lord. I am thankfully single. To check your status, click here. You can never be too careful these days. All our friends need is your ID number and very little else. Definitely not a proper proposal …*sniff*


The OOA got married last month. Enough said. Men who are in a relationship or who are married cannot ever be appealing. They should never be. That`s just a dangerous game for any girl to play. Incidentally, the OOA`s marriage was extremely sudden. He went overseas single and came back married. I wish him the best of luck, though.


Yes, I still intend to write the novel. However, of late I`ve doubted my own writing ability. I`ve taken a brief hiatus. I need to sort out my head before I can continue. I honestly don`t think I`ve got what it takes.

Why not blog about politics

I am not a political commentator. This is my personal weblog / journal. Why people even ask me a question like this is beyond me…what`s it to you what I write in my diary?

Dear Diary, I am soooo pissed off at JayZ. He really really disappoints me. I am SO tossing out with him. He`s not my favourite egotistical, sexist, corrupt ex-deputy president anymore.

I think not. I will write and blog about whatever and whomever I choose. If it is political of nature at any given time, it`s because I choose for it to be. It`s my blog, I`ll post what I want to. Oh, and I reserve the right to delete any shitty and mean-spirited comments. I don`t have to tolerate anybody being rude or nasty.

What am I like in reality

People seem to be very curious about this for some reason. You should ask those who know me or have met me (…Leo, Cindy, Syllable). What you see is what you get. I don`t have a different blog persona and you can tell by my ever-changing moods and flights of whimsy. I am exactly what my posts say I am. I am that crazy and scatter-brained…

The Job

Well. I love it. I`m in communications and media relations. I spend a good portion of my day writing and, for the rest of it, I meet and greet with some amazing people. I do like what I do. I love the company I work for and the people I work with.

I don`t like the corporate politics and, yes, it`s extremely hard being a girl in the environment I work. In typical Aries fashion I see this as a personal affront and challenge. *grin*

Enter Corporate Princess in 9-inch heels.

Marriage and Kids

I believe in partnership and commitment. Marriage is not necessarily inclusive of this package. I have no desire to spawn. Blunt – but honest.

Do you identify with Bridget Jones

No. Why should I? Every single girl, living on her own, with an eccentric mother and a penchant for getting herself into strange situations is not necessarily the Mother City version of Bridget, Britain`s favourite singleton. *grin*

Seriously now…nothing in common with the wench and I don`t relate (although I would like to meet a Mark Darcy).

And while we`re on it…any other questions to ask the Princess? I kind of just banged together the recurring questions and hoped I answered most of it.

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