A series of unfortunate events

Resonance and Serendipity

What is it about meeting someone unexpectedly, in the strangest of circumstances and finding that your souls resonate?

Finding that, from the very first meeting, you cannot keep your eyes off each other and you cannot help put reach out to this stranger to touch an arm, a hand, a shoulder. It`s for emphasis…No, it`s for need. A need to be closer. And, quite unexpectedly, you don`t want to be anywhere else or doing anything else.

And when he speaks you smile. And he makes perfect sense to you. That amazing moment of clarity when you realise that the other person knows exactly how your mind works and he gets it too. You want what he wants. You like what he likes…He feeds your soul in some way and knows your heart.

It`s a startling thing, resonance. It knocks you for a six and you`re kind of dizzy for a spell after it happens. How is it that when you least expect…in the manner you least expect and from the person least likely, you suddenly feel weightlessness and a connection?

And how you wish that serendipity would happen again…strange, unconnected but fortunate events would bring you together again. Because you haven`t felt a connection like this in a while, but it`s scary and not just a little overwhelming. You fear the reconnection, but you crave it as well. You fear that the feeling you felt the first time round wasn`t resonance, but you own desire to connect….and you fear that it WAS resonance and that you won`t know what to do with it. With him.

Because he is unlikely. And you don`t usually allow yourself to feel this way. And you will most likely get hurt.

Resonance…and echoing of one soul with another. What the Princess most wants, she sometimes finds in the strangest of places, but in the most unfortunate of people.

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