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Just this morning somebody asked me if I regret anything I`ve done in my life. My response was that it hasn`t been a long life at all and I haven`t done enough to warrant any serious regrets. Walking away, I realised that I have lived a relatively pious life barring the next 7 deadly sins…or the lesser sins, to put it into perspective.

To be fair… when I say relatively pious, I hardly mean that I`ll be auditioning for the role of lead vestal virgin. I`ve done my fair share of Lust, Gluttony (damn the ice-cream at Sinful), Greed, Laziness (or in my case procrastination), Wrath, Envy and Pride. Have they been my downfall in some instances? …well, yeah. As they should be. No surprise there and I`ve knocked my head, learned my life-lessons and now try to be less of everything. Except lust…lust is a very good thing as long as it`s not misplaced. *grin*

As for the 7 lesser sins…I`ve always been an extremely bad princess at maintaining my virtue when they are so tempting. Sure the 7 lesser sins vary from individual to individual and it is dictated mostly by your personal vices. And vices? Look, I won`t lie to you. According to Syllable`s little Astro-guide thingie I was born on the day of excess. I love decadence and if this was pre-revolutionary France I`d put Marie Antoinette to shame. I love beautiful things…even dirty pretty things. Life and love is supposed to be enjoyed to the fullest and everyday is a new day to experience and discover. I have never played it safe and I give in to my impulses…Ah. My impulses. My first Lesser Sin.

Thou shalt not give in to your impulses…
Sure, he looks cute and he has all the moves on the dance floor. However, shine a light into his ear and watch the beam come out the other side…neat party trick, but not one you`re going to enjoy the morning after. Step away from the airhead boy toy with your manicure in the air.

Sure, packing up your life, home and dogs and moving to George to watch old guys play golf seems like a good idea at the time. However, take into account that the weekend sport is doping and the weekday sport is drinking and there is no other sensible way to socialise in a town where 80% of the inhabitants are not originally from the Garden Route – like refugees and orphans we`re forced to glom together and have prayer-meetings (a.k.a Book Clubs) to chant the survival anthem. Which brings me to the next Lesser Sin…

Thou shalt not always go native…
Ever heard the adage when in Rome, do like the Romans do. This only applies in Rome. Trust me. For example…going native is an ugly thing when you`re in a nudist camp and you have body issues. Similarly, and from experience, I can tell you that eating haggis or mopani worms is not all it`s cracked up to be and that spending every Friday listening to Worsie Visser over a 3 month period is liable to drive you nuts. I have nothing against Worsie…he just ‘aint my cup of tea, you know. The lessons …don`t compromise yourself for anyone. Mmm…compromise…

Thou shalt not compromise your budget for shoes…(Lesser sin no. 3)

*sigh* Easier said than done. The Princess is pretty financially savvy. I work in the financial services industry and, as a result, I`m pretty clued up about my money and what not to do with it. I invest wisely and mostly in property and unit trust. Furthermore, I am very strict about my budget. I like nice things and I love to play and travel. I like being self-sufficient and I would never ever want to be the kept woman (unless this is a literal thing, of course). So, I use mostly cash for all my purchases and try not to spend money I don`t have. It`s surprisingly easy not to have debts if you`re mostly a good girl and you don`t have huge responsibilities (kiddies and such). So, every month I put a little money aside. I call it the Pimp my Princess fund. About 60% to 70% of that money will go to shoes. How money pairs do I have….I`d be too embarrassed to say. Let`s put into perspective though…I have 3 rooms in my house. 1 has been converted into a study. All 3 have built-in-cupboards…all 3 cupboards are stacked with boxes of shoes from stem to stern. Addiction? Me?

Never. Just an indulgence….Unlike the 4th Lesser sin.

Thou shalt not indulge men in all their little whims and fancies.

Here`s the secret to the Princess`s romantic life. The reason for my pickiness regarding men is that I know ‘how I get`. A good friend challenged me two weeks ago…He said, you can act all tough, but on the inside you`re as soft as butter. Well…I wouldn`t go THAT far. But I would attest to the fact that I don`t do anything in half-measures. And sure, I am reserved and too cautious in the dating game. But I know this is because I only know one way to be with someone and that`s with everything I have. I don`t hold back how I feel and my emotional generosity knows no bounds. As a result, I`ve allowed all kinds of strange and potentially harmful things in relationships. Never again. I will love, trust and respect you with all I have but betray me and there will be no second chance. Ever.

Oooh…. Which (very neatly) brings us to no 5.

Thou shalt not be a stubborn princess…
mmm…Nothing to add here, really. I`m stubborn. I should get over myself. Admit ‘defeat` sometimes


No 6….Thou shalt not be impatient with lesser mortals.

And I will explain it thus…My sister says that I think and react faster than most people. She concedes that this is a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing. While it`s fantastic that I`m on the button, it is also unfortunate when my mouth has expressed something before my head has had a chance to think about the pro`s and con`s of actually saying what I`m thinking or feeling. I could also explain it in the following way… I fall into the what you see is what you get category of people. By definition it also means that I appreciate people saying what they mean and meaning what they say. Most people faff and talk around issues by lacing the conversation with ambiguity or taking the garden path to get to the point of the matter. Halfway down said Garden Path I`m ready to take you out. Literally. Get to the FREAKIN point already (see, the Princess can be nasty too…). So, I`ve had to learn to cool my heels. Especially with guys. Apparently guys are shy or slow or had nacho`s for lunch. And I have to give them a chance and to get around to the point where they will tell me what`s on their mind. Ho hum. Zzzzzzzzzzzz………..

Which brings us to lucky no.7

Thou shalt not forget who you are…

It`s easy you know. You become wrapped up in your own self-importance. Vanity and pride is a very unassuming thing…so unassuming that you don`t realise you are vain and proud until it`s pointed out to you by your friends. Or enemies. You will of course categorically deny. I have a healthy self-esteem, laced with appropriate moments of serious self-doubt and self-deprecation. Why? Because I try to be honest about my strengths and weaknesses…It`s the only way to be true to yourself and to work on becoming the woman you are supposed to be. However, being honest about your weaknesses is a humbling thing. It`s not always pretty. It`s always nasty and raw. But it`s necessary to take stock and evaluate see the wood from the trees, so to speak. It helps to have friends who ground you.

Mostly it`s great to have you to ground you. But that`s an art I`m still perfecting.*smile*

And that`s my 7 lesser sins. They tempt me daily, and I succumb to them often. Unlike the 7 original sins, they mostly impact on my quality of life but they play a direct hand in the person I am and the person I want to be.

My vices, my virtues…my forbidden fruit cocktail (with a splash of tequila)

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