Wedding Blues

A short note to say…

I want to a wedding yesterday. I knew both the bride and the groom and, as weddings go, it was quite lovely. No hassle, no drama, unpretentious and fun. The ceremony was at St Bernards in Claremont, the reception at Simons in Groot Constantia. There could have been no more than 30 people present and 80% of the crowd was quite young.

The princess was there on her own, sans date. I really don’t see the need in dragging along a poor guy to a wedding, where his sole and lovely purpose would be to prove that I CAN get a date for a wedding. Besides, I was amongst friends (the bestfriend and her fiance was there too) and I couldn’t really give a stuff.

However, there is this thing about people wanting to pair you off at a wedding. The wedding couple is fairly young (He is 26, she is 21) and, as a result, many of the friends fell into that age group. At 28 and single, I was clearly an Urban Myth proven true too many of them.

Which begs the question…I use to have a problem with older folk asking me when I’m getting married, or why I haven’t met a “lovely young man” yet. My personal terror has just moved to the dark side…

You see, it’s the young ‘uns asking the questions now. They are puzzled by me. They cannot understand what is wrong with me. And it’s not the women…it’s the guys who are quite comfortable getting married and settling down. Which makes me think, people are getting married and / or committed in some way at a younger and younger age. I have nothing to say on that because I feel age is but a state of mind. I do, however, feel that I have changed so much during the last 10 years and I don’t even closely resemble the girl I was at 18, 21 or 25.

For me to have married at a young age would clearly have been disastrous and I’m happy I didn’t go down that road. There are people though that make it work at a young age and my hat is off to them. Really.

But not for me the gilded cage at chicklet age.

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