By the way… There is no Blog War. No Blog Whores either (except maybe…me).

My post, my blog, my rant, my expression. Please do not take my blog out of context and do not take the comments made on my blog out of context. I did quite empathetically state yesterday that I am not about to disclose what has actually gone down. So, start a Blog War, sure. But leave me out of it. I fight for things I really believe in…and this, my friends, is not real. It`s a virtual place. And it does become pretty real to us sometimes we make friends at Cindy`s, we flirt with the cute guy at the Misty Bar, We visit the Zoo at Bolanki`s and we check in at Syllable for our meds. But THIS is not real.

What happened yesterday hurt me. But it hurt ME. Not anybody else. And I have dealt with it. How Cindy and Wolf chooses to deal with it is really their thing because THEY have to deal with it and not you. So, if you feel you`ve been personally affected by the playground taunts of the big baddies at Blogmark. Go ahead…poke a finger in their eye. But just remember, you`re fighting your own fight. Not my fight. And, in case anybody wants to know…Yes. I am very angry by what was said about some bloggers on this site. People that I have known since the inception of Blogs24. We blogged on this site, when it still had problems and hiccups and half my comment count disappeared. And I felt incensed for them. But I`m not going to presume to fight this fight for them…because when the gloves come off, the Misty Bar`s and Cindy`s Worlds` are really able to fend for themselves. I don`t doubt for a second that they`ll take the gloves off and smack the bastards though the fucking kisser.

Also…Zeph, Dolce and AJ (I`ve come to the conclusion that he is Schizo) will always be welcome here as far as I`m concerned. My blog. My rules. Like I said…nobody will really know what went down yesterday not on Blogmark and not on Blogs24. We have dealt with out shit and moved on (hopefully) and Dolce…ah Lady…How did you get dragged into this sordid little mess? But I know you can handle it too. So, leave them alone ok. Unless you feel you`ve been personally affected by this (and if you do…start reading this post from the top).

So, here`s the thing…one last thing. One someone turns around and calls you a fucking pig you want to curl into a little ball and die inside. And, being called unpretty yesterday did make me die a little inside. And then I turned around and did a Jean I got defiant and angry. And it took all of Wolf`s rather lame BoB jokes *grin* to get me to calm down enough to type coherently. Because I`m not unpretty and I don`t care what anybody says. I have worked to hard on this neurotic, over-analysing wreck. This shell of a person…for ANYBODY to call me ugly. I like my goddamn face. And my boobs. And my booty. And my hair that for the life of me does not want to listen to what I have to say.

I like all of it. And now you see me. I`m breaking my own damn rule. But, you know what, I actually don`t give a stuff. Because, you see, it appears that people have formed ideas (and in some cases flights of fekkin fantasy) about how I`m supposed to look. And, I am disappointed by the whole superficial nature of it. Because I write and talk in a certain way I must look a certain way? You must be kidding me…. because you know what, girls and boys and playground bullies… even after you`ve now seen me and formed your opinion on how I look, it just doesn`t phase me. Because I am still the same strong, sensual, independent, feisty princess. And the hit count might drop. And the comments will dry up and the ratings will slide and the e-mails will become less. And it`ll be A-fucking-ok. Because I say what I`ve always said.

I blog for me. It`s my journey. My exploration. My catharsis. And no man or woman is going to call me unpretty EVER.

And now I`m getting on with my day. I have 2 bloody articles to write. Deadline 12.

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