Twisted Sister

Ok…so, the bf (that`s best friend and not boyfriend. Ha. Ha) had our usual Monday evening Monday was a bitch, oh please make it stop supper and red wine at Willowbridge two evenings ago. She`s of course known for years that I want to get a tattoo and I think she`s secretly relieved that I`ve come to a point where I`m going to do it. Talk of designs and themes, eventually led to a good laugh at my previous forays into the world of Body Art. You see, I have had three piercings in the last 6 or so years which in itself is not extreme (it does not include ears tho). However, when you consider that each and every piercing was a very spontaneous unplanned event, it is bit funny.

My first piercing happened in 2000. I literally walked past a needle shop, took one longing look at the very cool much-pierced Goth Chick inside (Taffy, whom I later befriended) and decided to have one done. I walked in, made an appointment (For what? they asked. I said I didn`t know, but I would have figured it out by the time I got there. They smiled knowingly). My appointment was literally for a half-hour later. I called my housemate of the time and asked her to meet me at the shop. I walked over to a café, asked for 2 tequila`s (hold the pithy lemon and salt deal) and slugged away. Walked back to the shop, met Odele, decided on a navel piercing top and proceeded to cuss and bleed in that order. Now, anybody that`s had anything as basic as a navel piercing will now it`s really easy peasy. But the clamp (yes, they clamp your skin first) can be a bit hectic (I think I said something highly inappropriate about Taffy`s sexual orientation. I shocked myself). Anyway… clamp, strange thick tube-like needle, and bobs-your-uncle. I didn`t feel any pain after the initial clamping and FDQ moment. Nothing. Not ever in the six years I`ve had it. Not a twinge and I healed really quickly.

Which, of course, prompted me to get my second. Once again, the easiest thing ever. No pain. No worries. No effort. Suffice to say…*grin* it was nowhere my daddy could see it. Or anybody else for that matter. Unless I was *cough* inclined to show them. However, the nice lady taking my measurements at La Senza visibly cringed (wuss). I did eventually remove it…couldn`t stand the constant sensitization and I became obsessed with the idea that eventually I would become desensitized by all the stimulation.

Moving on….

The nose ring episode was slightly more eventful. Taffy had done all three so far and was miserable that I had removed my nipple piercing. I had, in the meantime, decided that there`s some places not intended for metal. Ever…So, tough cookies for her. Anyway, we decided on the where`s, how`s, etc and she pierced. I blinked. It was over…she gave me that bored, but proud Goth Mother-Hen look and said…Be Off.

I was off and straight into the restroom to have the biggest nosebleed of my LIFE. I swear I lost so much blood, I was faint. All this while Kim was standing at the door, killing herself laughing. After that incident I healed quite nicely though (until I yanked it out in the shower earlier this year morning of the J&B Met, Yikes. Will never forget sitting on shower floor and bleeding like a stuck pig, while laughing hysterically. It`s fine now, though).

And why, in all that is good and holy, did I get each and every piercing…because I wanted a tattoo. But was too scared or unsure to go for it. One thing is for sure, I did not get bored of the piercings and I didn`t regret a single one – and removing one was a matter of necessity, ok?.

There`s a little thrill I get…marching down the corridors in my suits, sitting around the boardrooms and doing my little PR Spin doctor thing, when I know that nobody knows. Not a friend, not a potential lover…till I reveal it. And it`s only for me to know and see…and it`s only for them to experience in that private space when I reveal that flash of mettle.

At least …till now. Now you know.

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