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Don`t shout. Don`t make any fast gestures…slowly now. Easy. I`m not ready to deal with the day…

After all, I`ve only had 3 hours sleep. And, before you go there… I am not hung over (were it that easy). In fact, *sighs deeply* it`s a sign that you`re getting older when your main aim is not to consume as much alcohol as possible, in as short a time as possible. No…I`m just sleep deprived. A whole week of getting to bed late (work, playing nursemaid, general insomnia) and last nights` soiree has finally culminated in my body going no further.

Today is Leo`s birthday and if you know anything about the Echoes, you`ll know that Leo is one of my urban family. He blogs here as well and we`ve known each other for a full decade (the early days spent in the cafeteria of the Neelsie Stellenbosch University. We NEVER seemed to have a class to go to. How we made it through our graduate studies is beyond me).

Last night Leo had a BIG BOY birthday. I don`t want to disclose the age …but heck. You`re bright young minds, aren`t you? I`m sure you can put two and two together. We met up at about 11pm and helped the boy over the crest of that particular hill in his life`s journey *snigger* (can anybody say, Jean, hold the cheese). It`s a definitive moment for all of us I think. We sat around the table. And, although we missed one or two people there, when I looked around the table I saw history.

You see, the strange thing about my urban family is that…looking 10 years back, I could have told you that they would still have been in my life 10 years on. I can tell you (without reservation) that they will be around another 30 years from now. And without getting too melancholy about it, I have to say that THESE people are my circle of trust (ha ha). We`ve seen meet up`s and break-up`s. Marriages and promotions. New homes, new travels, new jobs, new interests. We revel in each other`s success, but we`re really good at sitting down and saying, Fek. That sucks what just happened. But quit your whining now and get on with it.

Looking at us sometimes, you`d wonder what the dynamic could possibly be? We`re so different, each and every one of us. Well…I guess it`s shared dreams and ambitions. We`re kind to animals and Zuma supporters (in so far that you`re kind to members of a secret cult who should really know better, but you forgive them for being total idiots…). We are similarly socialized and we all find pleasure in the little things despite what we may have achieved at this point in our lives. We all like a good steak (had to throw that in). And, strangely enough, the one time that I am unashamedly a girl…a little lady without hesitation or reservation is when I`m with my urban family. Because I feel safe and protected and nobody`s going to be messing with me. We share out parents and extended family with each other. And our FPU`s, MPU`s and siblings know our friends as if they were part of the immediate family. Around each other, we`re not managers and experts. We`re not fashionista`s or yuppies. We`re total goodballs. We`re still the same kids with the dodgy hairstyles and fashion choices, who cried on each other`s shoulders about heartbreak. *smile* and had to scrape together R7.50 for a chip roll from Mo`s. It`s what keeps us grounded. And helps us remember who we are and what we are.

And History? Well now… we`re making history, baby!

So, Langeveldt…Happy Birthday sweetie! Hope you have a fabulous day and I know tonight will ROCK (we`ll try not to bring the house down too much).

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