The Princess and the Pea


Sometimes I wonder about myself. Not in a lighthearted way but in a serious, ‘you`ve got issues` kind of way. See, I am in the process of ‘doing stuff` to my house. Small stuff and big stuff. Re-carpet all bedrooms and study. Yes, I know…but the idea of cold tiles in my bedrooms is too much to comprehend. It`s my boudoir for heaven`s sake. Not a surgery. I`d rather plump for a good quality carpet. Change the kitchen *just a little*. Fix the paint on the wall where the previous guy did a bad hack job of it. Buy little odds and ends that finish the look. Move this here, shift that there. So, I`ve had a barrage of slightly dusty, plumber`s crack type men in and out of my house of late. To fix those little things in life that annoys me so (think Princess and The Pea).

Today is the Carpet Guy`s turn. Now, in all fairness to him, he did say that I need not move the heavy ‘stuff`. What he actually meant by that is beyond me…because, you see, as much as I suffer from Princess and the Pea syndrome and everything around me must be tweaked just so, I cannot STAND the idea of people touching my things. Right. So, last night I start moving stuff out of the bedrooms and study. I started light…the bedside lights, an occasional chair, the media server and Imac *nobody touches those babies* Turn around…Oh crap…my bookcase and my books. Fek. I stand corrected. Nobody touches those babies. So, I started moving my books. Mmm…ok. Study looks ok.

And as I start to walk out…Crap. The Chaise Lounge. My pride and joy…almost 96 years-old and a gorgeous piece of work. It`s been covered and recovered, and I rescued it from my (then) landlady when I worked in George (her Jack Russels used it as a bed Sacrilege!!). Originally brought from England to her Grandfather`s farm in Rhodesia, she fled Zimbabwe in 1989 and the Chaise came with. And by some strange fortune she decided to give it to me. Maybe because I fell in love with it the moment I saw it…

Anyhow, I call her Lolita and I spent the remainder of my time wrapping her up in plastic and moving her out of the room. Now, does anybody have an actual idea of how heavy these things are? Let`s just say that it`s technically not a one-princess job. But I was determined that they were not going to touch my stuff.

Well…I eventually got to bed at about 2am . The result of this terribly irresponsible behavior was that I could not for the life of me fall asleep. It sucked square eggs. I was forced to lay there and listen to the dogs snore.

Well, to cut a long story short. This morning, bleary eyed and very grumpy, I watched as the carpet guys came in and covered every little item they touched with plastic first. I watched as they carefully and almost reverentially moved my furniture from one spot to the other.

Wow, you guys are really good. I mean, you`re really careful with my stuff

Of course, M`am. Your dad warned us that you`re a Princess and that you`re precious about your stuff


My MPU…and the Princess and the Pea. *smile* I should`ve known.

Oi…and don`t forget to take out the trash:

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