The lady wants to know

Based on yesterday’s post on “Mating and finding a mate”, I was thinking last night…

Is it really true that “elke pot het ‘n deksel” …in other words…Does everyone have a perfect mate? A best fit?? The other pea in your pod?

If humans were created never to be alone, why is it that some of us live such singular lives (often until we die), while others just don’t find a mate till much later in life. Some people find a mate very early in life – Is it because they’ve found their perfect fit? Or have they ‘settled’.

Well, I want your take on it… (and, yes, I’m going somewhere….a proper, very serious, confession type post will follow later). But first, tell me what you think:

a) Yes, every single person has a mate out there.

b) No, in the end we all kind of “settle” for the person we WANT to be with…even if he or she isn’t a perfect fit.

c) Yes and No…it’s possible to have more than one “best fit” in your lifetime.

And yes, I’m running a little survey this way because there’s no tools for survey’s in this joint. *

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