The Goddess Factor

*apologies for the long post, ladies and gents…the Princess had a lot to say. Would like to your thoughts on it though!

A friend of mine has recently been on a little trip to find her Inner Goddess. She`s stocked up on self-help books like ‘He`s just not that into you` and my favourite book to hate, ‘Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus`. She`s booked herself into workshops, seminars, and Goddess evenings. She`s had a pole dancing lesson (and pulled a tendon), she`s gone to a flirt tutorial based on Tracy Cox`s book SuperFlirt (which I actually have at home *shudder* Some or other time I should actually make time to read the damn thing. Might just learn a thing of 5).

Caught up in the throes of finding her Inner Goddess, she is actually not glowing (as I would have suspected). No, she`s totally exhausted. She`s running from one place to the other, driving herself haggard and paying other people to tell her how to shine.

I have been watching from a distance, showing just enough interest, but not getting too involved. You see, I am of the opinion that nobody can tell you how to find your Inner Goddess, but you. It really has NOTHING to do with your flirting skills or your ability to lap dance for your man (although all of that helps but for different reasons).

So, this morning she marches into my office rather dramatically, closes the door and announces that she has had my chart done by at least 4 different people and in all 4 instances the results were the same. My immediate reaction (after Why don`t you bloody knock) is to say that I don`t believe in charts. I`m skeptical of hocus-pocus and my chakra`s are quite aligned, thank you. In fact, lady…they`re ramrod straight right now. But she knows me well and before I can say any of this she lays down an A5 sheet of paper on my desk and says to me, If this isn`t you, I`ll stop this Inner Goddess nonsense and you can tell me I`m wasting my time. Um…ok (Melodrama. I`m rolling my eyes again just thinking about it and, Sandy, if you`re reading this…it really wasn`t necessary to be quite so theatrical about it).

The information on the sheet of paper was enlightening to say the least. The chart was done based purely on age, date of birth and location (hemisphere) and I have to admit it`s pretty damn spot on (although I won`t go into detail here…it`s just way too personal). I`m still not buying the whole commercial aspect of finding your Inner Goddess (Down Capitalist Pigs!). I mean, why pay people to help you find it? Why is it that every single woman out there cannot define for herself what makes her an amazing empowered individual?

I think it`s because we`re not kind enough to ourselves and we`ve forgotten what is it like to be decadent. The idea that I need to pay somebody to make me feel sexy, confident and assertive goes beyond my comprehension.

I am not knocking the Inner Goddess concept at all. In ancient history women were revered. Today, in modern society, there are still telling signs of it everywhere. Men will admit that they love to give their favourite toys a female persona. We refer to cities, mountains, and hurricanes and such as women. All strong, powerful entities.

So, in my opinion, what makes me a Goddess?

I value myself. I don`t wait for anybody else to make me feel special and I validate myself before anyone else does (although not to be confused with vanity. Modesty is a very rewarding trait too).
I am different to anybody else and I celebrate my uniqueness. The quirky, the funny, the sulky, the sexy, the zany, spontaneous part of me.
I`d like to say love every inch of your body but I`m a woman and I know it`s not that easy for girls. But for each part of my body I don’t like, I make a point of embracing another part of my body I DO like. Sounds fair to me!
Always wear amazing underwear. And that means making sure it fits properly as well. And that it feels good on you and that it`s pretty and sexy and not merely functional. And do it ALL the time. You`ll feel so much better when you`re out watering your garden in sweats, but underneath all of that you`re wearing your favourite sexy knickers.
Be decadent! Although most girls are more practical by nature, I was born decadent. My house is furnished in rich reds and deep oranges; I have a combination of soft throws or furs on all my beds and sofa`s. There are candles everywhere and I light them all the time. Not just on special occasions. When I`m getting ready for a date, or a night out with the girls or having a bath, I sip bubbly. I love oils…and my house usually smells of geranium base oil. Stock your kitchen with special treats, indulge in bath time favourites, etc. You get the idea…be decadent. Spoil yourself…. often and well. And don`t wait till there`s a man around to do it with (or for)…just do it because you are fabulous and you like spoiling you.
Have off days…but for the most part be happy. And positive. I struggle with this. I don`t get depressed, but I do have a tendency to become melancholy…but I allow myself a few days of this and then I say, enough.
Be kind. To yourself and to others. Say nice things to people and, trust me, even if you secretly don`t think it`s deserving, karma has a mind like an elephant. She`ll remember and it`ll come back to you.
It`s ok to be self-deprecating and to laugh at yourself…in fact, most guys will agree that there`s nothing as sexy as a chick that doesn`t take herself to seriously.
You don`t have to wear expensive labels. But you do have to dress for your body-type. And trust me…The FPU has genetically blessed me with an interesting package and I have to make the best of that package. And I`d rather step out of the house with the knowledge that I look good and I feel sexy and THAT kind of confidence doesn`t come with any designer label. Trust me…

Oh…and what was on my Chart?

In brief…My Inner Goddess is Athena, goddess of wisdom, war and crafts.

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