Simply He

Seeing him was like splashing into a cool pool on a sweltering day. He was warm spring rain and pink Wellington`s in winter. Like finding socks from the night before in your bed when your feet are freezing, he`s like warm eggnog at Christmas. He was like waking up to warm kisses, and sipping cold smoothies. He was the early morning dream, sublime and reassuring. He was discovering your favourite sarnie in your lunchbox in Primary School. He was the happy smile when I stepped off the plane after a long journey. He was the taste of salt and cologne, like wool tights on a windy day, like my first pair of stiletto shoes. He was coarse ground pepper on hot pasta, the sound of a thousand of people cheering at a rock concert. He was calloused hands on smooth skin, like lemon gelato on the Piazza Nouvona. He was the first flower in season, somersaults and cartwheels on a hot summer`s day. He was soft lips, smouldering eyes and crazy fun. He was like a field full of daisies, like listening to slow jams on the radio late at night. He was like crunchy tacos and cold mojito`s and crazy messed up hair. He was the feeling you get in your stomach on the Ratanga Cobra. He`s like watching your favourite movie over and over again and turning the last page of a satisfying book. He was like the tango, like the feel and fit of a well-tailored suit. He was everything and nothing at the same time. He was the shape you see the in clouds, seeing a falling star, fresh sea air. Damn, he was the taste of honey on your lips and apple flavoured tobacco. He was all that and a bag of chips.

He was – for the briefest of moments – my favourite things…

He was kisses and puppies and kittens and mittens. He was sand castles and cool breezes and warm scarves. He was like discovering that forgotten R20 note in your back pocket. He was pretty and gritty and groovy and delicious…

He was….. french onion soup and crusty bread and silly love songs on long road trips. He was slow languid lovemaking and silly giggles in bed…

Only, I don`t think he will ever be that again.

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