Saving Private Roper

Last seen in Wonderland…

Um…I`m going to be a royal pain in the arse about this and will probably be bitched at no end. Oh well…just another day.

Once upon a time in a far away land, there was a gent by the name of Chris Roper. He had a Blog / Column on the MWeb Blogsite called The World. In the grand Big Bang that was Blogs.24 and, Chris and The World disappeared in a cloud of rather acrid smoke, to reappear in Blogs.24 (Chris having stepped though The Looking Glass).

Maar waar is jy nou, Chris Roper?

Look…it`s like this. You kinda` get use to a certain satirical brand of blogging / reading in the morning. After a while you realise it`s better than Kellog`s (or Conjugal Rights on Death Row? Not that I would know). Point is…I am now at a point that I am formally requesting that the Looking Glass Wars posts something. Anything. Really…It`s time now.

I`ll stop short of asking all and sundry on blogland to mail Mr. Roper and kindly request his presence.

And, like I said. I might just get my arse kicked for being forward and verbose. But, I`m sorry…don`t take away my sugar. I haven`t heard a single witty, acidic retort in weeks.

It`s too much to contemplate. I might just have to meander over to M&G and…. Oh wait. LOL! Been there, done that. Lost interest…

ADD again?

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