Sunday, 01 October 2006
…on Flight 363, JHB to CPT, Depart: 18h00 / Arrive: 20h10

Two tourist types who apparently had just met on the flight. He looks vaguely Germanic (whatever that means…but bear with me) and she looks Italian (blonde, bold and blinged). He looks very happy to have been seated next to her. She looks bored. He can`t speak Italian and she can`t speak German they both speak heavily accented English. He`s making enthusiastic overtures in her direction. She looks bored. He starts talking about dope. She becomes lively. Much hand gesturing (in the manner of feisty Italian mamma) ensues.

Him: “Have you ever had sex while you were stoned?”

Her: “No… what’s it like?”

Him: “It’s amazing. It makes everything so much more intense and wild!”

Her: “Wow. So when you do that?”

Him: “Oh… I have not. But I had a wank once!”

Her: (in Italian) **”uomo piccolo triste…”

Me: *audible snort*

**Sad little man

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