Mad Monday Musings

Thinking….while standing at the Wild Bean counter, buying a latte and smiling at the cute “suit” with the blue eyes standing next to me.

“Is it wrong or unladylike to get a clicker. Like Ben Affleck in that new Axe Ad…who clicks his way through a whole day of flirtation and admiring glances. With a grand total of 103 nogals. Mmm…I should get a clicker. Wait! isn’t that wrong?…like too predatory.
…nah. Appeals to my competitive nature. Up’s my game – damn, I sound like a dude – Umm…on the other hand. What if my grand total is a big fat 0 at the end of the day. *big sigh* No Dennis…don’t get a clicker”

Grabs coffee, pays and heads out door…almost knocking down very cute Mweb Geek type (tee hee…NO offence meant. You know what I mean. You know they’re a geek by what they’re wearing and driving. Dangling the keys to his Merc, but he’s wearing puma sneakers, jeans, T-shirt and *TA DA* a Lanyard around his neck. Dead give-away. Ag moeder mammie. So cute. Anyway…I digress). He smiles at me…I smile at him. Walk away, turn back and look. Catch him turning back to look. We both pack out laughing.

“Yeah…I should get a clicker”

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