Listen up, my China’s!

Originally called Streetkak, but later renamed to Urban Trash, it`s a cartoon with attitude. Street attitude.

March 14, 2005, saw the first official Urban Trash comic strip appear on the Urban Trash website.

In a nutshell, it is a true story about a few middle income bracket South Africans trying to make their way through life, in urban South Africa. Urban Trash first started out as a few monks in Tibet, but after realising that I couldn`t really use them in a convincing South African context, I decided to migrate them to South Africa and let them experience the good and wholesome South African way of life: gangs, guns, dagga, the SAPS, and security guard strikes. For eight months thereafter, I drew one strip per week (sometimes less, sometimes more) – at night or on weekends, succeeded by adding it to my website, and simultaneously sending it to Luke Tagg (editor of and TVSA) – who had requested (in April 2005) to syndicate Urban Trash on his website, albeit sporadically. And in early November, I left the building where I had spent far too many boring years, to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a cartoonist Jeremy, the outjie that draws Urban Trash

Today, Urban Trash is regularly featured in five publications:

– The Natal Witness
– The Big Issue
– (YAY!!)
– Wild News
– The South African (London)

The first Urban Trash book was launched today. Do yourself a favour and check it out. I don`t usually endorse anything selflessly (capitalist pig!!), but the Princess gives Urban Trash 10 million Brownie Points for being trashy and …um..urban.

Check it out here:

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