Leetle Crumbs

I’m having a weird out-of-sorts day. I know it’ll pass and I suspect it’s just a little case of PMT, but right now…this very second I feel slightly cranky, very unloved and unappreciated and totally unlovable.

Now, stop. Don’t go there. I stand by yesterday’s post. I am a goddess…albeit slightly less so in my unlovable cranky state *grin*

Adding fuel to this fire is the fact that I have hay fever and, as a result, I have not been sleeping well this week. Blocked noses and burning nasal passages made everybody (that`s me and my 5 split personalities) decidedly Sleepless in Durbanville.

Herewith, the conclusion of the whinging portion of this post.

On the tattoo front, things are going a bit slow. Although I`ve confirmed my appointment for 29 October, I have yet to make up my mind about a design (ideas and designs still welcome!!). Is it just me? …or is choosing the perfect design kind of like marriage just worse. I mean, these days divorce is much easier than tattoo removal? (A shame really…I don`t necessarily see myself getting married one day, but it`s a shame what`s happened to the sacred institution of matrimony).

4 months after my mugging and the ensuring applications for an ID (and a temporary ID, Passport and Temporary Passport), I have yet to receive anything that even vaguely resembles a proof of existence from Hopeless Affairs. Yes, ladies and gents…I am an unknown entity and every morning I look into the mirror and convince myself that I exist. I actually feel that if Hopeless Affairs do not come to the party soon, the very fabric of time and reality is going to shift and I will feel myself literally becoming spread thin and I will walk around like an invisible ghost until I just disappear totally *poof*

My mobile upgrade is due soon and pretty excited about it. Back in the day I always had to have the smallest, sleekest, sexiest mobile. Over the years I`ve lost a bit of interest with the whole cellphone thing. However, I`m pretty excited about the fact that there`s been some interesting movement w.r.t mobile technology and I`m getting myself a PDA this time round. Currently I`m looking at the Nokia N range, The Palm Treo 680 (I bloody wish!!! Please please Santa Claus) or the Imate JasJar (Or JamJar, as I like to call it). Gimme new toys, baby!! Yeah. Unfortunately, it means I have to work some serious mojo with MTN to get my toy in 2006 and not 2008! The waiting lists for these mobiles are looooong.

I`m off men. For the last week already. I`ve cancelled my plans with certain individuals and I haven`t returned calls. I think I`m tired and uninspired. I know that sounds bad…but nothing (rather no one) is exciting me at the moment. Alternatively…refer to paragraph 1. I`m not feeling loved. And that`s making me a bit…off-ish. Kind of like…Why even bother? Dating is tiring. Exhausting and just vicious. So, I`m in a little space where I Just. Don`t. Care. Like I said…I`m uninspired (starts signing I need a hero)

I have no idea what I`m doing this weekend? I think I should avoid contact with the rest of society. I suspect I`ll be bad for business no matter what I do.

And finally,

What would have been nice tonight…Fresh Salad, baked potatoe and steak. A bottle of Fat Bastard Merlot and great company. And perhaps curling up on the couch with said company afterwards, to say everything and do nothing. Or perhaps do everything and say nothing.

Lacking an essential ingredient in this recipe for a good night, I suspect I`ll put those plans on hold until I`ve found the company (or the company has found me).

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