I`m back and I`m bad…or rather, I`m back and bloody busy. After spending last week in a state of perpetual drama and hysterics, running around like a mad woman around the Sandton Sun, I`m back in office today still slightly hysterical, but very happy to be home. It promises to be a really crazy day and I`m feeling particularly inspired to be an over-achiever today. However, before I get stuck into what`s on my mind today…a quick update on the Princess.

Return of the Mac

On Thursday I had the pleasure of being escorted around Sandton City by my own personal shopper. A tall beauty with loads of energy, she was graceful and energetic and a wonderful conversationalist. We gleefully raced around Sandton and I was very lucky to come away semi-unscathed…the damage being a gorgeous pair of shoes and a lipstick from Mac. Now, to put this into perspective…the Princess loves shoes, clothing and general girlie stuff. But the Princess is not BIG on make-up (my usual routine limited to occasional eye-make up, occasional bronzer and I`ll always have a Dior or Revlon gloss on my person). It goes without saying, that I very rarely wear lipstick. Let`s face it…it`s sticky, it stains, it wears off and it`s infinitely not as kissable as gloss. But last Thursday I was inspired to buy my first lipstick in years (my mother would be so proud). A deep gorgeous red that just screams femme fatale. My personal shopper and I sat down for a chat Lemon Sorbet Smoothie for me and a Chocolate Chiller for her. We spoke about stuff and found common ground on a couple of things. When we parted she gave me the sweetest memento of our shopping experience, and even though I said I`d call her over the weekend and I didn`t (it was HECTIC), I fully intend to see her when next I`m in Jozi – if she has time for me *smile*.

In the manner of Prince, Madonna and Bono (they of the one-named coolness) my personal shopper is simply known as Syllable.

The Amazing

We had our very special awards ceremony on Friday and one journalist took away 5 awards, including Journalist of the Year. It was an amazing night, but for me it all pales in the shadow of meeting our journalist of the year. I had the pleasure of sitting at his table (as befits a Princess…) and spending some time speaking to him and his fiancé after the ceremony. We spoke till about 3am in the morning…about nothing and everything. It`s very rare that I meet people that totally bowl me over like these two warm, down-to-earth individuals and I walked away humbled. And inspired. I walked away wanting to be a nicer, kinder person. I will make contact with this couple again, break bread with them and shoot the breeze. On another related note…I`ve decided October is meet new people month at the Princess Echoes. It`s always good to expand your social circle, meet new friends and plays in new spaces.

The Devil wears … Visagie

….Or Versace for the uninitiated. Reading The Devil Wears Prada at the moment and I`m finding it a bit painful to read…don`t get me wrong, it`s well-written. And entertaining…but it`s impossible for me to read a book and not get totally caught up in the characters. Unfortunately, I am not only caught up in the characters and the story, but I can also relate the story to my career. I meet so many strong, polished, intelligent women who falls short of being brilliant women, because they lack the proper bedside manner (which is a BIG euphemism in my industry for just plain good manners). Women who put their well-heeled feet all over their colleagues` and subordinates` career hopes and dreams. I came to work this morning with a new awareness. I always strive to be well mannered at work. People are always remarking on the fact that I use humour to deal with tough situations and I have an interest in people`s lives. Having said that, I`m also known to become too focused and driven…which leads to an impatience and brusqueness. This can never translate well in a high-pressure, deadline driven media environment. I`m not ever nasty…but it`s like I forget to smile under pressure and I almost disregard people who pops in to say hi. I have a look on my face that says… I am really busy now and I REALLY don`t have time for this, so I`m being super polite about it. Henceforth, always grace under pressure. After all, the world won`t end while I`m taking a breather and making time for a colleague …

Krisma Boet

Had an awesome time with Ryan, Cat and the shorties this weekend. After the racing around last week, it was fun to race around with them on the weekend. *smile* Actually…it was relaxing. Spent time just sitting in the Jacuzzi, with a bottle of water, glass of wine and a book on hand. Bliss…I haven`t worn my bikini since last summer, so this was kinda` daunting (uuurgh… winter skin). I, now, have a slightly less anemic blanch to my skin. Slightly….


And then…there`s nothing like coming home to realise that you have missed. And you have been missed. And I`m being sarcastic. Not a single friend or family member (bar one) called me to find out if I`m ok, alive, well. I would not be bothered by it, if I didn`t realise (in a strange in-flight epiphany) that my world is too small. *smile* And that`s the way I`ve always liked it, but…dammit…sometimes I want people to pick up the goddamn phone and ask me how I`m doing. Ok, this sounds really selfish and a lot like when I do stuff, I expect it back. *sigh* But, I feel just a little like if I had keeled over dead in my house on Tuesday evening, nobody would have realised that I`m gone. Sad, huh? Pathetic even…Well, it`s the reality of being single I suppose. And I know they care (lol!! Really, I do) but it was jarring that because I didn`t call anybody, nobody made an effort to call me. :-/. Which is why I feel it`s time to broaden my world a little…live outside of my carefully constructed safe-haven of social intercourse *snort* and meet new people, have new experiences.

Finally – I was missed by someone…one person. But I had to close myself off to the possibility that he might be missing me because I couldn`t for one second comprehend that he would want me home. So, I picked a fight and I was difficult. I said, You hardly know me, why would you miss me. I did this because it was safe. Safe not to get to attached to (what in my mind) is a transient interaction. Something that is so fragile, it should not have lasted past the first date. And we disagreed. And I wrestled with myself. And last night, waiting at gate E11, JHB International…. I swallowed my pride and called him. I could hear him smile on the other end, when he answered.

Baby, I`m glad you called. Please come home

Maybe surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
I just wanna go home
Oh I miss you, you know

Let me go home
I`m just too far from where you are
I wanna come home

Michael Buble – Home

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