Down Dress for Success

Ok, so mostly the gang and I like hanging out at Mbar in Long Street. It`s cool, hip, the cocktails are fab and the décor starts messing with your head after a drink. Very trippy…

It has a cool crowd as well. Not too pretentious, but it has a decent buzz. Most importantly, you can get a decent Martini there (My personal opinion on flavored martinis is they have seen their day. If you’re gonna do a martini, stick with the original gin or vodka one. Cosmos and the like are now passe.)

There is a fabulous restaurant, but if you’re there to just to have drinks, you’re regulated to the bar. And it’s a nice bar. So I have no complaints. The bartenders are hot (and probably gay) and they give excellent service and are quick with making sure you were taken care of for drinks and nibbles.

Well, a few weeks ago I met up with some friends at Mbar. It wasn`t my usual crowd, but old friends from my theatre days. I hand`t seen them in a while and recommended we met there. My friends and I got there early in the designated cocktail hours (Happy hour is from 5pm to 8pm every.single. day). We hung around for quite some time and before we knew it, the place was packed and quite the scene. Lots of great-looking people dressed well Although it was predominately straight gals and their gay-guy pals. I was probably one of the few women there with a few straight guys… One who was there with his girlfriend. The other is a friend who is currently “single.” The “couple” friends left before my single friend and I were ready to leave. We wanted one more drink.

So there we were… My friend, D, and I chatting about gossip mecca “Perez Hilton” and Communications practitioners vs Spin Doctors (for another post). The bar was crowded and full of lively and great-looking people. D had plenty of pretty ladies to look at. But he was feeling very laid back and not at all interested in approaching any of the very unabashed chicks ogling him

At one point in the evening I excused myself to powder my nose. (The bathroom at Mbar is quite funky. Retro and very relaxing and chairs that would look so perfect in my house). I was washing my hands when a girl who had been sitting down the bar from D and I was standing next me. She was a pretty, petite blonde gal; dressed all in black. (Stylish and adorable!) She began to talk to me.

Stylish, Adorable, Petite Blonde Girl: “Can I ask you about the guy your with at the bar?”

The Princess: “You mean D.? D is great! What do you want to know?”

Stylish, Adorable, Petite Blonde Girl: “What’s his story?”

The Princess: “His story? He’s single. And really nice. Isn’t he cute?”

Stylish, Adorable, Petite Blonde Girl: “Is he gay?”

The Princess: “Oh no. He’s definitely straight.”

Stylish, Adorable, Petite Blonde Girl: “Aww…. Bummer. My friend F, who I’m sitting with at the bar, has been totally lusting after him all night. He’s going to be so disappointed!”

The Princess: “Sorry. He gets this a lot. He’s not gay though. He’s just very stylish.”

I left and went back out to the bar. I relayed the whole bathroom scene to D. I casually pointed out the girl and the guy to him.

“I saw them checking me out,” he said. “I was hoping it was the girl. She`s cute…

*I look over at him*

Apparently you`re going to have to start dressing down, or you won`t ever date again.

Damn. Just when I got used to making an effort

(for the record… the most stylish guy I know is not “D”. It’s still my good friend, Don Berry Jr. And, yes- He is Gay. But trust me…Gay, straight, Bi…this boy would still be able to dress!)

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