Burnt Toast

Once upon a time, in a far away fucked up land, was a community of bloggers. They had themselves a grand old time in their little old land called Blogmark. But inferior developers ruled Blogmark and the infrastructure of their Blogsite was shaky at best.

Blogmark had a little society of Heavy Hitting bloggers…they specialised in a very particular kind of nasty and called themselves The A-listers. But in the end their site failed them miserably. And one day, they could not take it anymore. The Blogging Addiction dictated that they leave their miserable excuse for a Blogsite and abdicate to Blogs.24 in droves.

Where they insinuated themselves into my confidence amongst others.

Personally, I was very excited with the prospect of having some new (and often controversial) talent around. I made friends. I had fun. I formed a circle of trust with some individuals. We exchanged photographs and dirty little secrets but the rule of the game was that we would not betray the circle of trust.

I`m such a stupid cow.

How angry am I? I am Extremely. Fucking. Pissed. Off. And you know what…saddened. Because I actually liked this little band of misfits till they decided to get nasty with me. I didn`t ask for it. I still think their blogging is awesome although I`m not so sure that they`re not all a little full of shit.

Am I angry enough to spill the dirty little secrets…or disclose their names…or post their photographs for all to see?

Yes. But I won`t. Because I`m not going to be accused of Premature Vocalisation. And I`m still actually unsure of how badly I might be overreacting. And I actually wish all this nastiness didn`t happen.

So, I`ll relax. Enhance my karma. I`d like to believe that it was just a couple of bloggers being provocative and stirring the big old Blogpot.

But I`m not so sure they didn`t seriously mean it. Who knows? Doesn`t matter…right now, I`m very disillusioned with a couple of people. And I wish I was not.

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