This is Halloween, everybody make a scene
Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright
It’s our town, everybody scream
In this town of Halloween

– Lyrics from “Nightmare Before Christmas

So, tomorrow evening the Princess is going out on a very special date…a Halloween date. It`ll be Bogeyman and I – and no one else. Unfortunately, it`s only happening tomorrow because he has to work tonight. Some or other work function I said I would rather not attend with him (thank you very much, lest people actually thought we were a couple). So, my instructions for my Halloween date was clear. I need to arrive wearing a costume *get your minds out of the gutter*. And I need to bring along a basket…for my treats *grin* I have no idea what this means…but I am going along for the ride if there`s going to be treats involved.

Anyway, in my search for the perfect costume, it made me think of all the other fancy dress parties and the tendency for people to choose a certain type of costume. Costumes have changed over the years though the intent has stayed the same. I`ve been thinking of some ‘common` costumes ideas…and what it could possibly mean about the person. You know, just for fun.

Cat Costumes
I have dressed up as a cat before, but it has been a while. Black cat costumes are fairly common a black leotard, a tail, a pair of ears in your hair and some eye liner for whiskers, and you are there. Okay, now-a-days, most use costume makeup instead of eye liner, but you get the idea.

I`ve seen my fair share of cats at parties, and I remember why I will never be a cat again. You have a tail on your bum, and now everybody looks at your bum. Now… this baby got back and I don`t need a tail for people to see it. Really…it`s hard to miss. When I was about 22 I liked men looking at my bum. At 28, my arse is my own.

In short….Cat costumes are for young women who are saying, look at me, I have a hot body and I may or may not focus any attention on you, like a cat. Very finicky. But it works for you, go for it. If that`s you thing.

Witch Costumes
Witch costumes come in three varieties: (1) Sexy Witch, (2) Funny/Good-natured Witch, and (3) Scary Witch. Sexy witch wants to be seen as a sexy bitch someone who is both sexy and evil. And, yes, I have been sexy witch more than I would like to admit. It is an easy costume to put together. We all have (LBDs) little black dresses. That, a witch’s hat and a cackle, and you have sexy witch.

Funny/Good-natured witch is a witch I am less familiar with. Think Witches of Eastwick. Oh, well, it is my amateur opinion that funny/good-natured witches want to be sexy witches but they hold back. They don’t want to live the fantasy because they are a bit scared.

Scary witch, is normally a really nice person who wants to be nasty for a night. It is like all of her hostility from helping others needs a release. Boil some children in the kettle, turn handsome men into frogs, and change weather. Create havoc because you normally create an atmosphere of cooperation. Nice….

I have not actually seen many women dress as prostitutes lately (*sigh* it`s a lost art). Again, nice women wanting to express their sexuality. I have never wanted to dress this way although I did once for a friends costume party. Suffice to say that my male friends (Leo and Donny to be exact) was a bit shocked. They said I really pulled it off. I didn`t know whether to be pleased or offended. Strangely, my partner of the time put the costume together….wishful thinking? maybe I`ll release her inner harlot. I never want to do the prossie costume again. If I`m going to be a harlot, I`ll be a harlot for you. Privately. Enough said about that.

Sexual Innuendo Costumes
You have seen Plumbers and pipes partners who are communicating that somebody`s ‘pipes get cleaned` at night. Come to think about it… with Carpenters the sexual innuendos are so much more a good carpenter “nails”, “screws”, and can even “measure.” Either the pair is making bold statements about what will happen later, or professing their sexual relationship publicly, though they can explain it away if confronted. “It is just a costume.”

And now I`ll take a brief break to shower. I feel so dirty right now…

(The MPU has a plumbing business. Like…gross)

Cute Animals/Characters
I`ve been a Cinderella before Sparkly gown, wig, glass slippers, etc, I got my costume from a shop, so it was not original. But it was fun playing dress-up.

Part of me loves playing dress-up, perhaps helping me remember when I was a little girl. A time in my life when I had almost no responsibilities, lots of love and played a lot. As a kid who wasn`t allowed to play on streetcorners, I was encouraged to dig deep into my Grandma`s old trunks and play. It was comfortable, reassuring.

Tonight is Halloween. Just remember that the costume you wear may tell something about you.

And, well tomorrow I will celebrate Halloween belatedly and I think it will be quite an experience.

Dress up? … definitely
Tricks? Knowing this Bogeyman…probably.
Treats? Well, that`s my own damn business (like my bum).

And the costume…tiara, angel wings, a bow, whips and chains.

The Warrior Princess, of course.

Happy Halloween Princes, Fairies, Llamaboys, Kitty-cats and 1 lonely Wolf all across Blogland.

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