• Stuff to do in Traffic

    Next time you’re stuck in traffic with a friend, and you pull up to a red light, look at the guy in the car next to you. Roll down your window really fast (like you want to talk to him), and when the guy rolls HIS window down, look at him and yell: “Oh, did you *fart, too?” *the Princess never farts. She exhumes odour discreetly. It smells like Vanilla.

  • Merry Go Round

    Oh bloody sweet hell. Please put me out of my misery. I don`t want to anymore…please. I beg you, make it stop. Make it stop. Stop what, Princess? The inevitable vicious circle we call Dating. *sigh* I can hear everybody going, What the hell`s going on now?. Well, nothing really…except I`m seeing two individuals (surprise) at once. They do know about each other (surprise again but it`s impossible for me not to be honest about it). And they see it as a challenge. I see it as a royal pain in the arse. Look, I had this moment yesterday when I was asking Leo if he thought I`m a commitment-phobe.…