TMI : Too Much Information (it’s when you’re told something, and you’re not sure if it’s something you really want to hear. or something you know you’re not even remotely interested in).

I just walked to the café to get mini jelly babies and a blue lollipop. En route, I passed 3 coffee shops, an Italian joint, A burger and fries place, a restaurant area with a carvery, another coffee shop, A Mugg ‘n Bean, A hair Salon, A chemist, a Bank, A Laundromat, A travel agency, 2 cellphone places (MTN and Vodacom respectively, A museum, an Art gallery, a Business Centre fully equipped for doing business in a wireless mobile environment, a florist, a place that does graphic design thingie-me-bobs, a car finance place, a gift shop and a doctor (who also has a chiropractor floating around). Had I not reached the café and stopped, I could have walked on to the gym, spa and bar.

Anyway…came back with a Red Latte take-away from the Mugg ‘n Bean, my mini jelly babies, FHM (yes, boys…I do read FHM. I call it Know thine Enemy) and packet of gum (Clorets, the blue one).

I am, of course, extremely peeved that they haven`t caught my extended hints about a Woolies Food shop (because there`s just no pleasing some people. Especially those of a royal inflection).

Ladies and gents, at this point I have to mention that I haven`t stepped foot out of the building I work in. Not even remotely.

The company I work for is also one of the Top 10 South African companies to work for for 2006.

Then again, apparently we have strong sourcing and retention strategies, education, training and development practices; ethics and compliance; diversity; corporate social responsibility, and corporate governance and legislation.

What`s important to me is that…

When I want a Red Latte to go and a packet of mini jelly babies, It`s as good as done. So, I might be bored. But I`m also spoilt. And smug.

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