The War on Terror

I am currently playing at being a good student (which means I fight dozing off in class, cram for tests the night before and generally unwrap my sweeties in class very loudly. I also try to be cute with the lecturer. It works). While I`m away, however, I need to warn everybody of a new terror a personal terror lurking in the hallowed halls of Blogland.

I am violently under the attack of Krisma Boet (for reference: my brother, Ryan), who has created a blog and intends to exact ‘revenge` on the Princess. He has decided that after reading too many references to him in my blog, he was will turning the tables and attacking the Echoes.

We will not run. We will not cower. We will deal with terrorism swiftly and eradicate any forms of anarchy from our midst.

I categorically state that anything and everything he says about me is not true (and Ryan, I`ll tell mommy if you go to far!). I am not afraid, but feel it`s my civic blog duty to warn you the citizens of Blogland to be at high alert. A Blog War is possibly imminent.

And Krisma Boet – in the immortally stupid words of Dubbya Bush, Bring it on!

(and I’m serious about telling mommy)

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