Punch Drunk Laf

Not Punch Drunk Love. Punch Drunk Laf. For the uninitiated and English speaking, Laf is the Afrikaans word for foolish, mushy, senseless, witless (as in Is jy laf? Are you being foolish?).

Well…it`s Spring. And Summer`s starting its` slow crawl up the arse-end of Winter, using Spring as an unwilling mount. Whatever. I wish I was that right now. Punch Drunk Laf. Slightly intoxicated with that heady feeling of flirting shamelessly with somebody who might or might not be appropriate or inappropriate for me (Yes, I know…that didn`t make any sense at all). The thing is … I don`t care that it`s laf and not love. As long as it feels good. I can`t be particularly expectant or interested in where it`s going. As long as its` fun. And flirty. And he says all the right things to get my motor revving. Happiness in the form of a carelessly dropped compliment here or there. Spontaneity should rule and everything must be totally unexpected and very surprising. And bold.

And very sexy. Not in the overt I want to jump you kinda` way…in the subtle, I`m taking my time to get into you mind and under your skin kinda` way.

And there should be hot nights and long cool drinks.

Yep. Punch Drunk Laf.

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