Of Kingdom’s and Birthday’s.

Grrrr…so, I`m having my self-imposed weekend at home, right? And this definitely includes a night in. No gallivanting to Barmooda. No sipping cocktails at Mbar or Baraza. Not even a jaunt to visit the extended urban family (wherever the may find themselves). I`m feeling pretty cool at the moment, mucking around the house, watching an odd movie here, re-watching Grey`s Anatomy and Entourage there. Oh, and reading back-issues of Mad Magazines that I have just not been able to get to. I`m feeling relaxed and I don`t have a care in the world (literally, after my series of unfortunate epiphany`s in the last week, it`s a kinda cool spaced out feeling). It`s bloody cold though. The sliding door leading out to the garden is open and the dogs are driving my insane. I`m typing and shouting, get off the couch at the same time. It`s raining outside and they`ve discovered a new way of tormenting me by running out into the rain (wheeeee), running back inside, doing a quick frenzied circuit of all the rooms, careen back into the living area and Splat onto my couch (miscellaneous scattering of fur cushions and chenille throws).

Anyway…the picture of perfect domestic bliss and enhance your karma-esque joy is interrupted by my phone (I`m bringing sexy back, yeah…). Krisma Boet (BEAN) is on the phone…

KB: Hey Sissy, how you doin?
Me: Cool, you?
KB: Me? Just dandy…sitting in the Jacuzzi
ME: Huh?
KB: You know, that thing we have outside. It`s got water in it. Not to be mistaken by the pool. The pool is cold. We`re in lovely hot warm water. We could jump in the pool. But we`re sloths.
ME: You bastard.
KB: Yeah….I know. How`s the weather there *I can hear the smirk over the phone*
ME: Wonderful. Sunny. Hot. In fact, I`m going to put some water in the bath, some fabbie salts and then…and then…I`m going to get into it. Without my cozzie. Because, see…it`s like…Um…Jacuzzi Skinny-Dipping.
KB: Except it`s your bath. So, you`d just be getting into the bath. Sad. By the way…it sounds like rain on your end.
ME: *sullen silence
KB: Mmmmm…Enjoy your Jacuzzi Skinny-Dipping.

I so need to get a Jacuzzi… Can you even begin to imagine. Cold rain falling on your head, back and shoulders and you`re totally immersed in gorgeous hot water.

Sometimes I think my brother lives like a king. Sometimes I think he tells me he lives like a king just to torment me. I rather suspect the latter.

FPU`s Birthday today. Happy Birthday Mom…rock on!!

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