Feather me this, Feather me that

First thing in the morning observations…Aaahh…they`re the best, aren`t they? You know what I`m talking about. It`s when your mind is at it`s most receptive and random thoughts are just whizzing away. It`s been proven. Somehow. By somebody. I can`t remember who. Luckily I don`t have to base my sweeping statements on anything factual (Hi, I`m Jean. And I`m a blogger. Hah!). I digress…. Your mind is at it`s most receptive, right? To me, it makes perfect sense…

I`m not a morning person, I have never been and I doubt I will ever be. I try, as far as possible, not to be a total grouch in the morning…but the urge to maim something or somebody is sometimes irresistible. Mostly I get it out of my system by cussing violently at my fellow South Africans (and Nigerians) driving to work (or to pick up the ‘stash`). Anyway…where was I going with this?

Oh, mind receptive. Yeah…so, I think it makes perfect sense because in the early hours of the morning you`re more prone to having crazy fantastical dreams in which you`re the saviour of the world; or deep thinking sessions in the shower that solves that tricky problem at work (George Dubbya probably only showers in the afternoon. Or maybe doesn`t shower at all?). In fact, most people are more sexual in the morning and that`s why morning sex is so good. *I`ve heard. I wouldn`t know anything about that, of course. *

Well, anyway…you get the picture. Early morning musings and epiphany`s are often the best. That`s why you`re always better off making a decision having, slept on it (weird saying. Do you write your problem on a scrap piece of paper and stick it under the mattress?).

My early morning thoughts can be likened to feathers. Multi-coloured feathers…floating around in the great big cavernous vacuum (down Bolanki!) that is my mind. Now and then a feather will fall down and settle gently within my frame of reference, causing me to pause and give it some thought. Then a breeze (or in my case…a tropical storm) will blow and, ‘oops`…there goes that thought, light like a feather. And another feather will float down in it`s place. It`s a vicious, vicious cycle of feathers and wind in the morning!

This morning, the alarm clock goes off. I blearily open one eye…then the other. And start the day like every other day. I curse (funny thing that. I think it`s a weird kind of genetics. My Uncle, the FPU`s brother, was a sailor you know. Ok, He was a Ship`s Machinist. But I`m convinced my morning cussing is horizontal genetics. As in…not in the blood. Just in the implied nature). Determined to ignore the fact that I have survived another night…I turn around and stubbornly pull pillows, bedding and a small dog over my head.

It doesn`t last long because there`s this really annoying droning voice going on and on about Godzilla. Huh?? Oh. Helen Zille. Urrrghh….Nigel Pierce is going on about Helen Zille. I`m annoyed by what he`s saying. I open my eyes, staring into the gloom of my bedding (it`s still pulled over my head). I`m thinking that maybe I should change Radio Stations. *snort* To what? Would love to change to 5FM…but no person in their right mind would swop Nigel Pierce for Gareth Cliff (who is as annoying as finding wet tissue in your freshly washed jean`s). It`s like a choice between Hitler and Mussolini. Anyway…Nigel is local. And dresses very well. And although I don`t always agree with him, he plays fab music and he`s like a Jack Russel with a stick on some issues. *yawn*

Oh crap. I don`t want to get up. *Rubbing one leg against the other* Thinking: Wax appointment this evening. Mmm…maybe I should cut my hair. No…no, don`t cut your hair. *yawn*

At this point my Yorkie is pulling the bedding away from my head. The little tramp has sensed I`m awake (mommy awake = playtime? possible walkies? Definitely food!).

“Storm!, kindly bugger off *I clean my throat and try that again* It works. She bounds off the bed. Thinking: Need to get the dogs to the groomers. Maybe I SHOULD cut my hair. No, don`t cut your hair. Give the dogs a haircut. Mmmm…must contact that guy about the wooden blinds. Yes, that`ll work for the study. Maybe the whole house? Coffee would be favourite right now *I`m slowly inching my way out of bed. Legs kinds of sneaking out from under the bedding and over the edge of the bed, to hopefully find a slipper* I`m bored. With work. With stuff. Maybe with Life. I need a change of pace. A change of scenery. Whoa Nelly…last time you felt this way, you quit your job and moved to George. Better deal with it before it becomes a problem again. No wonder men are confused by you, Dennis. You get bored too easily. Mmm…I need a new toy. Something to play with. *snort* I definitely need a new challenge at work. Should speak to the powers that be about that. New toy…the new Ipod specs Leo sent me were awesome. So pretty in pink! Or Maybe I should get a black one…Will look with Billie`s interior. *I`m in the bathroom by now. I tie my hair back with a band and wash my face and brush teeth* Maybe I should plan my next trip. South America like I`ve been saying all along? Mmm…Why not, Dennis. *yawn*

*Making my way to the kitchen to start the machine. Debating the merits of actually eating breakfast. Turn around and proceed to feed the dogs*

Leo`s coming home today. Donny`s birthday tomorrow. Damn…pity Che isn`t here. Wonder what the weather`s like this weekend. Maybe I should take Friday off. *back in room, getting into shower now* I had no idea it was a public holiday on Monday. Mmmm…maybe I SHOULD take leave on Friday. HAH! Me? Take leave… *snort*

Maybe, if the weather`s good this weekend, we should picnic. Is Celeste back by then? Mmm…should call Jeremy and see how he`s doing. Wonder if JP and Ingrid will be doing the Paragliding this weekend. *Toweling off now* Maybe I must go for that tandem. Wonder when Leo will be arriving? Call Donny to find out. Or Kim…. And …. Or….. Maybe…. I wonder…..

Feathers. Silly little feathers. Drifting in and out of my mind and consciousness. Because, truly, I am not awake at this time. I`m merely moving towards a point in the morning (roughly 10am) when I will suddenly be awake and extremely focused (much to the chagrin of the people who work with me). But so many things important nonsensical things are drifting through my mind in the early hours of the day.

And in case, you`re wondering. Yes, I think I will encourage my mates to picnic this weekend if the weather`s good. I am very excited that Leo`s coming home. I do wish Che was here. I`m looking forward to Donny`s 30th (Old Boy…hah!). I need to call Jeremy and Celeste to find out if they are surviving without each other for a week. I have the fullest intention of doing that tandem flight if given half the chance. I have no intention of cutting my hair. And I will be speaking to the powers that be about giving me something new and challenging to sink my teeth into. Because I`m so bored I could cry.

And I will buy myself a new toy. Because I can.

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