Till Death us do Part

Firing Squad this way Negligent parents gets preference

Once again we, the citizens of this lovely country, deigns to be shocked by the kidnapping and murder of a young child. The recent case in question is Celine Cowley, 4 years old from Ravensmead. The community is In a Fury and “angry, sad and shocked”. The mother, Brigette Cowley (25) is eight months pregnant with her second child and apparently collapsed into the arms of a police office that brought her the terrible news of her daughter`s body being found.

Terrible and shocking that a child has been murdered? Yes.

Another sign of the social and moral decay in our communities? Very likely.

Absolutely reprehensible on the part of the mother? Definitely.

Now, before I get flayed for my last statement, let me put it into perspective. That a young child – a little person – is kidnapped and murdered is awful. But what I always find totally incomprehensible is when I read a report that two young kids (ages 4 and 7 respectively) is allowed to walk anywhere on their own much less at 20h00 at night. Does this compute for anybody else?

How, in any day and age and especially this one, is it possible that parents can be so negligent and blasé about the welfare and safety of children when we`re constantly talking about child abuse, crime and gangs. Personally, I am sick to death of blaming the moral decay of our society; or the blasé attitude of our communities… when it really starts at home. Unfortunate accidents happen all the time, but I am unwilling to believe that letting a young child walk to the shop down the road at 20h00, accompanied by another child 3 years her senior, does not constitute as gross negligence (and stupidity) on the part of the parents or adult in the situation.

My issue is that it is far too easy to have children. Anybody can be a mother or father…hell, all your need is a decent set of ovaries, a couple of over-enthusiastic little men racing to the finish and a decided abandonment of any form of contraceptive. But, unfortunately, not everybody can parent.

Now, don`t get me wrong…I love OPK (other people`s kids). I can`t wait for some of my mates to spawn and my nieces think I`m the coolest aunt ever. I know every single cartoon out there, I can dance in the rain and mud and I know the words of all the cool songs. Auntie Jeanie has cool piercings, wears Wellingtons and can still play make-believe.

But I don`t foresee any kiddies in my future. And, yes, I`ve heard that it`s selfish of me not to want to have kids, I`ve heard the argument that it goes against Mother Nature… I`d like to venture very strongly in opposition of those statements that I am being incredibly responsible in my actions. I know that I don`t want to have kids. I know that I lead a very selfish lifestyle and that there is no place for children in that lifestyle. I have a plan for my life and it does not necessarily include leaving that kind of legacy. As selfish as I am with my space and time, I am still an organiser and a nurturer. But that is not enough to make me a parent. I recognized the overwhelming responsibility you have when you become a parent and I am not interested in that responsibility. That accountability for someone else`s safety, care and development is not for me.

In a time when couples are signing marriage contracts to love, honour and obey till death us do part, with no intention of honoring those legal binding contracts, I feel extremely sorry for the kids of people like Ms. Cowley. Please understand me, I cannot for once second comprehend what she is feeling and feel very sorry for her loss. But there is action and consequence.

To have a child is to guide, mould and keep safe from harm a little person. Someone who is essentially defenseless. A little human with so much potential who needs to be looked after until that potential has been fully unlocked.

Ms Cowley, I can quote legislation on child protection or spout theories on why children need to be looked after…but I choose not to. Because you and I, we are the man (or woman) in the street. We face realities and those realities are not mutually inclusive of the law(s) adopted to protect our kids from maniacs and madmen. It is slightly far removed from our day-to-day life, isn`t it? Fair enough…

But, then my question is, since it isn`t necessarily mutually inclusive, who protects our kids from ourselves. To Love and Honour till death us do part?

*can’t say I’m not looking forward to the hate mail. Action and Consequence*

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