In the absence of my missing posts (hint guys…I want them BACK. What’s the use of blogging when you stuff disappears!), I’m blogging very tentatively. However, a friend mailed me yesterday only to tell me that he loves me and values me. It reminded me of what insular (sometimes selfish) lives we lead. So, I want to start off my day with a bit of thanksgiving. Bear with me as I get really sentimental and send “Shout Outs” to some important people in my life (in no order of importance, of course).


Boet, thanks for being the bestest big brother I could have. You are an amazing brother, father and husband and all your girls think you rock. You`re my inspiration and, one day, when I`m a big girl I hope to be just like you. I don`t think I say it often enough, But I love you and miss you (ever think of moving back to the Mother City?? *hint hint*)


Baba, Happy Birthday (however belated)! I was a young lass with a weird red knitted cap when you first saw me and even though I am now the sophisticated women, I`m still bug to you and you`re still baba to me. We`ve been through some really intense years together as lovers and now just as friends. Know that you are one of the very few people in this world who really really understand me. You`re still incredibly special to me in a way that only we would understand. I wish you happiness in life and love, ba. Know that.


Sweetie…firstly, thanks you so much for reminding me how important it is to tell those special people in your life that you love them and value them. Secondly, I miss you so much and really do think about you often. We might not have seen each other in over a year and the distance seems crazy (LOL…how far IS New Orleans from Cape Town??!) but I love you too and value the quality you bring to my life. We will see each other soon. Next year, the following…we`ll make a plan somehow.


Mommy, you`re my fpu, my nemesis (lol!), my friend, my advocate, my guidance councilor, my wannabe boss…but most importantly, you`re my mirror. I see so much of you in me and I cherish it (even the crazy bits). You`ve been though a lot of crap mommy…but you`re one really tough chick and, I know I say it everyday…but I really do love you.

Leo & Donny

Aaaaghhh…where do I begin with you two??!

D we`ve had some crazy times, but we`re still standing *smile*. We fight and argue and drive each other nuts and I accuse you of not really caring…but I kid, I kid, I joke, I joke. I know you care. I know I can never be one of the guys…and thanks for never treating me like one. Thanks for always reminding me who I am and where I came from.

L I thought about this over the weekend. When we all met we had 2c to scrape together and all we could afford was a chip roll to share (between about 8 of us). Look at us now…we`re in a different place in our lives and we`ve achieved (some) of our more auspicious goals and we`re not stopping (but we`ll still eat a chip roll, thank you very much). Thanks for always listening, supporting, never allowing me to get to cock-sure of myself, keeping me grounded and reminding me never to take myself too seriously (world`s smallest violin???).

Now let me say this once (while you guys make gagging sounds)…I love you both and in the absence of my brother, you are my brothers and two of my closest friends. I don`t care if you don`t feel the same way because I have decided. Ladies prerogative. :p


*lump in my throat*…My baby, you make me so terribly proud. You`ve grown up to be such a sassy, smart young girl. I am very proud of everything you`ve achieved in your short life and I can say with all conviction that I wouldn`t want to be anyone else`s older sister only yours. I smile when I think of you. You make me feel so protective, it`s almost crazy. You`re amazing and you`ll, one day, be an amazing woman. I can`t wait for that day. I love you, I think you`re incredible; you make me want to be a better older sister everyday.


10 years babe and there`s nothing that I can say here, that will express how I feel. The really great thing is, I don`t have to say anything that hasn`t already been said. I am so in awe of the woman you`ve become and the friends we`ve become. Few people know me better…the good, the bad and the ugly (and visa versa). You are a hot, happening chick and I`m really really chuffed to still have you in my life. Here`s to the next 10 years. …. Love you, Ash. Lots of wet kisses…

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