Tangle my Tongue


His kissing is as full of sanctity as the touch of holy bread
As You Like It 111, 4
(Rosalind to Celia, concerning Orlando)
William Shakespeare

It`s one of those strange days. Anybody who has been following my blog even remotely will know that rain has a very dynamic influence on me. Some people need the full moon (howl, Wolf, howl) and some people need the rain.

So, today it`s raining and while everybody around me is morose – I am filled with a sense of well-being. I feel almost decadent and naughty. You see, sometimes a girl has a day like today (or a week, or maybe even a month?) when she just really wouldn`t mind being thrown up against a wall and kissed thouroughly (Or a lot more. Pick your level of debauchery). And lately, wherever I find myself, I wonder how it would be if someone were to interrupt me while I`m doing…well…whatever and drag me into the the supply closet, shut the door, and well, you know. Because there`s really nothing like being kissed senseless.

The thing is…a kiss means so much more to women than most men realise. It`s intimate and, done right, sexy as hell. It is also an indication of how the rest of the physical interaction will go (if it happens at all). You see, women believe that if a man fails to see the sensual benefits of kissing then surely he will not invest the same sensuality into making love.

I just think that more and more kissing is a neglected art in today’s society and the importance of a kiss should be assigned the credit it truly deserves. It seems that highly physical displays of affection have gained popularity and rather than the sweet first kiss shared between a couple, the climax is placed on other intimate exchanges. What happened to longing for a passionate embrace leading to “fireworks,” “sparks” or the reactionary “flamingo” stance that leaves you starry-eyed and content? Ok. Maybe not the flamingo stance, but you get what I`m saying? Those moments have been replaced with sloppy, clothes shedding make-out sessions and maybe a second date.

Look, with the extreme presence of sex in the media, desensitisation can be expected. Our priorities shift and we often leave kissing at the bottom of the list. Rather than craving an intense and sensual kiss, our interest is vested in other sexual activities.

Of course, first kiss jitters may occur. Worries about when is the most appropriate moment to kiss, how to kiss, and how many times plague many of us (Hitch: The 90 / 10 rule). Also, to master the art of being a good kisser can be daunting if you`re serious about it, of course. As kids we use to “practice” on our hands (Yes, and this means you too. We all did. Don`t try to deny it now).

So, you see…in my dreamy melancholy state I want to remember the fairy-tale art of kissing. I want to look at a guy`s mouth, fixate on it just a little bit and wonder what kind of kisser he will be. I want to be kissed till I`m gasping for breath and my legs feel like jelly. I want to feel that silly flutter in my tummy and I want to experience that moment when your senses go into overdrive and all you smell, taste and feel is his lips on yours.

Really…is this too much to ask on a day like today?

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