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I have a friend who absolutely insists on sending me my star sign forecast every single day…no matter how many times I`ve told her that I don`t believe in horoscopes. Look, I agree that your month, time, date of birth might have an impact on your personality (you`re A-type personality and have a fondness for lists and cleaning Virgo. You`re mysterious and slightly psychotic Scorpio), but give me a break…predict what will happen to me, to the last tee?? Mmm… Please, somebody, explain to me how my date of birth can show somebody that tomorrow I will suck at work and meet the man of my dreams? And not the other way round (!)

I`m apparently as Aries (with Taurus rising huh?) as they come, and if anybody can enlighten me as to what that ACTUALLY means in plain english, it would be appreciated. She makes it sound like a curse. Being very aries doesn`t sound very good. With a rising Taurus sounds plain nasty. But I digress…

Herewith, my forecast for today…

Daily Forecast for August 31, 2006

Devote your time to maintaining relationships. Let people know how you care. (JD: Ok…I guess this is good advice. Everybody, I care about you. I value you. Done.) What makes you fulfilled creatively can also help you make money. (JD: Um…what fulfills me creatively? Reading? Writing?? Writing!! *Note to self explore possibility of making money from writing. Oh wait. I`m in communications. I already make money through writing. How ASTUTE of the horoscope forecast person- thingie). A new person enters your life who helps you see how all things are possible with the right combination of luck, persistence and talent. (JD: A new person enters my life?? *waits* …..*still waits* …. Oh, well…it`s only 3pm in the afternoon. Not midnight yet) If you’re feeling overly protective about the things and people in your life today, don’t be surprised (JD: Um…actually I don`t really give a rats arse today. I`m no more protective and territorial than any other day). Now that the busiest areas of your life are slowing down, you’re starting to realize how lucky you are.(JD: Um…ok. Once again, good advice. The stuff fortune cookies are made of). Today you should devote your time to maintaining relationships and letting the people in your life know that without them, you’re half the person you could be.(JD: ok. This, I`m understanding is a really really important point. This is the second time it`s come up. I really REALLY care about all of you. Yes, even the silent comment groupies). Emails will get the job done, but if you have time, make a phone call to that one person you know is missing you most (JD: Ok, if anybody is still feeling neglected after that little speech, let me know so that I can call and give you an earful)

Oh… and somebody had better explain how this forecast crap works because apparently I`m getting married in October *snort*

I need to plan my escape.


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