Spending Power

All a girl wants is love and respect, but all a girl needs is a man with a big fat wallet… or so the stereotype will lead us to believe.

The sad thing about this stereotype is that it does still exist…In a modern empowered age for women, where the likelihood of you becoming COO or CEO is far better than that of your male colleague, the Money Minded Maiden still persists – unlike the (Tae Kwan) DoDo, they refuse natural selection and extinction, fighting it tooth and manicured nail.

Look, I am fairly open-minded and I can see how this evil practice took root in society. Caveman Y needed a mate to cook his mammoth and have his little cavebabies. And Cavewoman X needed a pretty cave for shelter against the weather, preferably east facing with decorative walls a couple of furs and skins wouldn`t go amiss.

Much later, destitute women on the streets of England and Paris found that if they could charm their way into a nobleman`s pants, they could just as surely charm themselves off the streets and into a world of comfort and luxury. After all there is no comparison really between a few hours (and in some cases, a few …. Ahem … minutes) servitude between the sheets and your benefactor`s unlimited gratitude.

Seriously, I wonder if Cinderella would have been so quick to admit that the glass slipper was hers if it was a pauper who had come calling instead of a prince. Even the Frog Prince was royalty. What if the princess had kissed the frog and he turned into the Imperial Lavatory Cleaner? Not a chance…

Perhaps it was prudent back in the old days to look out for a wealthy mate if you were a woman. Society didn`t take too kindly to independent, single women and the quality of a woman`s life depended very much on the sort of man she married. So it made good (business) sense to try and snag a rich husband.

Fast forward to the 21st century. Women everywhere are earning for themselves, they are independent and empowered. There is little practical need to resort to ensnaring a man for his money. However it is very sad, that in conversation with somebody yesterday, I discovered that there still exists a specific kind of woman who is more than willing to sacrifice their careers and their independence, if the opportunity presented itself in the form of a well-heeled gentleman with a marriage proposal.

I know that I might sound quite cynical…but I come from a school of thought that women should be independent and empowered. We can make decisions for ourselves. My parents drilled into me that the only person that can limit me is myself and, there is nothing wrong with being a shameless capitalist (because somehow I`ve got to pay for the Ferragamo`s), as long as you are earning your own money. Ambition and career-mindedness was never frowned upon.

On the other hand, I have been cautioned by the FPU and MPU that love has nothing to do with money and true love will just as soon live in a hovel than a mansion, but honey, make sure that he is just as capable of looking after himself, as you are capable of looking after yourself. Yep daddy doesn`t want his little girl to have a Scrub (Scrub: Person of *usually* male persuasion who depends soley on a woman to support him financially in the relationship. The male version of a Gold Digger.)

I`ve often said that opposites detract and compatibilty and physical attraction are certainly essential. However, money seems to be the great equaliser…for some women, a tycoon with a tendency to arrive late is far more tolerable than the ‘average` guy with the same tendency. Hey…let`s face it, it`s a whole lot easier to overlook a hairy back and skinny legs on a rich man than a poor one. These women don`t mind a philandering husband as long as he`s a rich one. Their existence, unfortunately, creates a bad reputation for all women. And don`t believe the stories…Size does count. The size of his bank balance.

And it`s so sad really…I don`t want to be dependent on my partner. In fact, there`s something sexy about being able to spoil your man without having to ask him for a cent. It`s great to pay the bill when you`re out having supper and you actually don`t feel the need to explain why you are spending exhorbitant amounts of money on shoes and lingerie. It`s my money, I`m being responsible about it.

You cannot call yourself a modern woman, unless you`re taking financial responsibility for your life and being ‘money-wise` by investing in some way – whether it`s in property, stocks or a plain old moneymarket account. It`s about being prudent with your money and not becoming a victim of the debt cycle. It`s about making decisions that will ensure that you stay financially independent for as long as possible a situation that will exist above and beyond being in a partnership with another person. Money is the pandemic killing many relationsips.

Spending power, baby!

Gold diggers. Give some girls a spade and they`ll go digging. They’re the ones who give the rest of us a bad name when it comes to money. Kanye West wrote his hit song (rap?) about them, Jamie Foxx lending his heartfelt vocals as backup. And you know what … I can’t say I disagree with them.

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