Mad Saturday night Musings

I`m at home and I`m taking a break.


What is the Princess doing home on a Saturday night? There`s people to be seen and things to be done (and not the other way round it appears).

Being the Mother of Procrastination, I`ve put off doing my Business Case Submission Assignment to the very last exact second (submission`s due on Monday). It`s not like I don`t know what to do and I have been meticulously planning my assignment for the last two months (yes, I had TWO months in which to complete it), but 7000 words of copy on Information Management, Operations Management and Finance (BIG words) and 10 supporting models is not going to fall out of the sky I wish it would, but unlike rain, there`s no miraculously completed Business Case Assignment`s forthcoming.

I`m sitting in my dining room because my sister the cow is sitting at the media server (in the study) watching Lady in the Water. But give her credit…she is supportive. She could have ditched me and gone out. It`s not all that bad. Once I actually started knuckling down it`s been pretty easy to churn out what is needed. It`s just time-consuming. However, I`m on the burn, firing on all cylinders, missioning on…every now and then I stop and shake my head in disbelief and think, You, madam, are a bloody genius (Yeah, reality will set in when I get the feedback on my submission *g*).

In the meantime, shouldering on through this tedious task on a Saturday night, I`ve been intermittently vowing to myself that I will stop procrastinating. You bring this on yourself, I think and I tell myself that all those nasty things I keep putting off must be seen to a.s.a.p. Finish up with your plans for the garden and the house, take those pants to the tailor to have shortened, invite your friend over to your place for supper as you promised and update the playlists on your iPod. Small stuff but ridiculously irritating when you know it takes nothing to actually do it, but you don`t ever get around to it…

So, I`ll be getting down to finishing up all those small niggly tasks and others…yeah…definitely. I`ll get right to it…


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