What is it about a certain type of person that inspires trust and (sometimes) blind unbending loyalty in others? You know the type of person I`m referring to…and you`ve probably met someone like that in your lifetime. Quite a few have cropped up in history…

Moses (he of the directionally confused Israelites. Oh Vey!), Alexander (inspired his troops to conquer the Alps on elephants. He also conquered many women although apparently NOT with elephants), Julius Ceaser (conquered the world until Brutus conquered him), Jesus Christ (conquered the Jews and the Romans, and then they thought they conquered him. And then he conquered them right back after three days), Adolf Hitler (Oh, Adolf…it`s purported that your speeches were so powerful that it drove women to orgasm where they stood. You could have used that power for good, brother), JFK (conquered Fidel Castro, Jackie Bouvier-Kennedy, Marylin Monroe, Jane Mansfield and Elvis. Ok, not Elvis…just checking if you`re awake), Martin Luther King (I have a dream…oh yessiree bob. He eventually conquered conservative Middle America, as well as the Deep South. Now you can have chicklings and deep fried sweet patata served to you inside the café and not at the back entrance. Yessir Masser!) and Bill Clinton (C`mon. I had the pleasure of meeting the man and he has it in spades. Any man that can inspire a woman to stick a cigar in there, pretend to like it and allow him to ejaculate over her LBD has it. Unfortunately, his wife has it in spades too. She has an edge though she is the wronged woman).

So, yeah…there are some people out there that could inspire a nation to go to war with the world or just inspire people to believe in their self-worth enough to say, No. I will not be called a second-rate citizen any longer. I call it Charisma (or as my gran`ma Gardner the FPU`s mom would have said, Krisma).

The mistake we make is that we confuse charisma with a strong power of persuasion. Persuasion is not motivation or inspiration. It`s getting people to do something that they don`t essentially want or like to do. Now charisma…. charisma is when a nod, a smile or a few short words can inspire you to do something that takes you beyond you comfort zone and you feel all warm and tingly inside doing it!

The other mistake we make is in thinking that the only charismatic people out there are the one`s leading a country, fighting a righteous fight, business leaders…even thespians (not actors thespians. Like Pacino). So wrong. Charismatic people are all around us. Every day, they`re doing powerful things. Inspiring trust, loyalty and motivating those who feel they are beyond hope.

So that is the point of all this talk about ‘Krisma`?

Well…I am stunned by the (belated) realisation that my brother is a very charismatic (although unassuming) man. And before you say it No, the familial connection has no play in this situation.

Through the years he`s motivated and inspired me to do amazing things. He has always been one of the driving forces in my need to succeed, because I want nothing more than for him to say that he`s proud of me (or trouts as my uncle insists. We`ve figured out that it`s a weird combination of the afrikaans word trots and the english word proud). It makes me sick really…he can get me to drive with him to Hangklip, in driving rain and thunder at 5 am in the morning, to dive for crayfish and I`ll be miserable but happy. He can inspire me to drop everything and go and visit him at 11pm at night, although I`m on a date, because he`s in town and leaving very early the next morning. He makes me want to be the best damn person I can be. To be kind and good and generally a nice person. He taught me the value of generosity and giving, without expecting anything back. But he also showed me how to be shrewd with my money and my business dealings. He still ruffles my hair, tell me I`m a drama queen and say my arse is getting big. He`s the only person allowed to do that and come away unscathed. And his remarks will genuinely bother the hell out of me until he tells me he was only kidding.

His wife finds herself doing the craziest things with him without understanding why. Well, she doesn`t care why…as long as Ryan said they had to do it. His daughters idolise the heck out of him and at ages 7 and 9 love doing things to help daddy. Colleagues, managers, friends, strangers, siblings, the FPU and MPU (especially my mom) are utterly and completed charmed by him. Completely. They will blindly go where no man has gone before provided Ryan is there and leading them.

So, imagine my disappointment when I woke up early this morning and realised that my charismatic brother is using his power for evil. What is this evil?, you ask.

Tonight I will fly to Jozi. Tomorrow I`ll be working in Jozi. I will stay in Jozi through the weekend. On Sunday (and this is the clincher) I will not fly back home, although it`s just a matter of asking my PA to book a ticket.

I will be driving down to Cape Town with Ryan. Yes, that is correct….driving.

The ultimate evil the ultimate sacrifice. I have agreed to drive all the way from Jozi to CPT. I didn`t not flinch when I was asked. I did not put up a fight. I meekly said, yes, boeta.

Why? Because he made it sound fun, dammit.

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