I have a dream (and no passport)

checked my leave report today and I have 17 days due to me. I`m ecstatic…but I don`t know why. It`s not like I can take leave (WAY to much to do) and it`s not like a can go anywhere (Hopeless Affairs STILL not forthcoming with the Passport).

The thing is…I need a break. Not a holiday – a break. Because I`m sick of here, just so terribly sick of here. And, no…it`s not going to be an extended whinging session. It`s a statement of fact. And that break should entail getting away from everything and everybody as bad as that sounds. I cannot take a couple days and stay at home doing nothing…because basically I am incapable of being at home and doing absolutely nothing. I`ll still be interfering with what`s happening at work (somebody say control freak?). And my family is incapable of leaving me alone when I`m at home. Inevitably I`ll find something to do. I`ll be up and about and there`ll be no rest for the wicked.

So, what I need is to go away. Far away…on my own for preference. I know what my friends would think if they read this. You see, I`ve been away (far far away) twice this year. This was my year to do the East. As much of it as I could …LOL. So, first I did the Far East in February and then I did the Middle East in April (for my birthday). And, yes, both times I came back feeling terrific but I wasn`t rested.

You see, my particular affliction is not a physical one…it`s a mental one. My mind needs a rest (although my body could do with one too). I fall into that strange category of travel enthusiast who tries to squeeze every last drop out of a location. I go native (sometimes much to the horror of my previous travel mates), I shop at dingy little flea markets, I try to eat as much of the local cuisine as possible (and touch wood, have never become even remotely sick) and I hit every single happening restaurant, shop and nightclub out there. Have a mentioned that I don`t sleep. Sleep is for 10 to 17 hour flights…(anyway, usually I`ve seen the movies they`re airing and my Ipod and I are nodding off way before the first drinks are served).

Last year, I trekked Europe. London, Holland, France, Italia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany…it was amazing. I would not change a single second of it…every single thing I did was amazing. I know back streets of Paris, which Parisians don`t even know. But I came back exhausted. At the airport, the FPU took one look at me, turned to the MPU and said, She`s jetlagged again. I had to explain to her that the time difference between my last destination (London) and this one was 1 hour and my fatigued body and red eyes had little to do with the space muffin in Amster but it had everything to do with a little pub in St. Goar (where the natives only drink a distilled beverage that is a cross between Uzzo and Vodka).

This year, in my eastern adventures, I discovered that nobody parties harder than people stuck in a dessert (and if you`re ever in the UAE, try out a club called Zinc. Quite cool…and you can watch the flight attendants being hit on by Sugar Daddy`s). The Easterners (of the Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean and Middle-eastern variety) really know how to have a good time and although there is a element of pretension (which sadly mirrors the western idea of what is tre cool or not), you can generally go out any time of the day or night and have an amazing time whether it`s buying fresh fruit at the markets, smoking ochre pipes and drinking coffee at the café`s or playing a unique version of Thai cricket with the kids in Bangkok. And while all of this is happening, I`m making new friends and shooting the breeze with the locals while drinking cold Shinga Beer and eating hot Green Thai Curry.

So, you see…the mind has not rested. Well… neither has the body (lol!). And, I think I`m partly nostalgic because Leo is going away on Friday *smile* We were going to do Hong Kong and Koh Sumoi in September, but that kind of fell by the wayside (but it`s a good thing). Mostly, I just need to get away and do what I`ve never done. Nothing.

I need a beach. Better yet…I need some fresh powder, a cabin, a fire and mulled wine (cute ski-instructors apply here). Mmmm…Actually, I`m not much of a beach person. But, hey – maybe that`s exactly what I need. A beach, cocktails, amazing seafood, a trashy novel (Mmm…ok, maybe not trashy. But light…like a Terry Pratchett or something) and countless divine massages. Now and then, I`ll make a sortie into the nearest village or even into the water.

However, for now…I`m dreaming a little dream. But Martin Luther had a dream. And so did Joseph (he of the Technicolor Raincoat). And now so do I…

(Because dammit…17 days due and a replacement passport must be on its` way. Please hear my prayer, Hopeless Affairs).

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