It’s a journey

Trying to plan my day, but it`s difficult. There`s so much to do and the workload is getting crazier by the minute. In addition to that, my best friend (who also happens to sit in the office opposite mine. No nepotism involved. We don`t work for government) is planning her wedding. In India. And I`m BestMate of Honour.

All of it has me thinking about the dynamics in friendships. Ingrid and I have become an extension of each other in a very sick, but weird way. It`s not a co-dependent friendship, but it`s almost familial (i.e. we know each other better than anybody else and, therefore, put up with each others` crap). Similarly, all my other close buds (you know who you are!) have a reason for being in my life. And I have a different dynamic with each of them. It goes beyond the interests that we share. It’s about where your soul’s at about certain issues. Our values are the same and they had quality to my life. Although I moan about them (and them about me), I think they`re terrific and special to me in their own way.

The point is that I’ve come to realise that a big part of who I am and what I’ve become have been shaped by my friendships.

Sometimes, like now, I have the urge to go off and be quiet for a while and do my own thing…. and then I realise that this journey’s not always as lonely as you think it is. Sometimes you just isolate yourself from the important people in your life, in order for you to grow and stretch.

That could possibly have been the shortest echoes post in history. One for the books, huh?

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