Euphoria: Feeling of well-being, especially one based on overconfidence or over-optimism.

JD: Me

OOA: Object of Office Affection

Stumble out of bed – put on coffee-machine – let dogs out fill the food and water bowls shower knock elbow trying to do 5 things at once in shower F*ck towel off and put on underwear pour coffee and head back to bedroom finish dressing, hair, eye-shadow, mascara, lip gloss chase dogs out into garden lock up get into car search play list on Ipod gnarls barkley aaaaaaand…drive.

Not that I`m awake at this point. Just merely functioning. But I`m zipping through traffic, well aware of the fact that I`m late to get to an appointment. See car behind me…he`s driving fast. I drive faster. He speeds up. I change lanes. He changes lanes. I speed up some more and so does he.

I see the robot and there`s an arrow, but it`s turning orange. I take the arrow and turn into Suikerbossie drive. Crazy guy takes the gap and he`s still right behind me.

Racing down Suikerbossie now…I don`t know why though. Why not just let him pass? He keeps up. Seems like he`s actually taunting me. Turn into Bill Bezuidenhout. Furtively look around. Got nailed by traffic officers for driving too fast in their precious 60 zone last December. No Cops…. I`m racing now. He`s still right behind me. I`m annoyed now. Approaching traffic intersection at Bill Bezuidenhout and Strand. Change lanes to turn into Strand. I indicate. Light is red.

I stop. Crazy guy is now in the lane next to me to cross the intersection. I look over. He`s wearing shades. He`s cute. No…he`s hot. More masculine …my kinda` guy. He`s looking at me, grinning. I scowl at him. I look away fast. Double take.

OH. MY. HAT. It`s OOA….

He signals to me that I must role down me window…My heart is in my throat…

I tap the button and the window slides down.

OOA: *smiles* Good morning…how are you?

JD: *tries to smile. Comes out as a constipated grimace* I`m just peachy. How are you?

OOA: Great!

JD: Uh…did you know it was me in front of you?

OOA: Yeah! I don`t make a habit of racing after strange women

JD: *thinking: he doesn`t think I`m a strange woman*

OOA: And besides…you`re hard to miss…

JD: Oh, how so? *I`m trying to breathe. Having trouble*

OOA: Well…*laughs* you`re the only person I know who drives a Honda like it`s a Ferrari…

JD: Um…oh. *Thinking: when did he notice my driving*

OOA: Anyway, lights going to change soon. It was a real pleasure driving to work with you

JD: *strangled sound in back of my throat. I WISH*

OOA: Have a good day…

JD: Ok, you too… *smile*

OOA: By the way…green really suits you. brings out your eyes…

JD: Thank you *He noticed my eyes. He. Noticed. My. Eyes!*

JD: Bye-Bye

OOA: Bye-Bye *waves. Drives off into the sunset….*

Ok. Not really sunset, more like morning mist and smog.

But damn, who`s a happy bunny this morning?? *grin*

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