Who do you want to be

*sigh* Woke up this morning determined to look for a new car. Don’t get me wrong, I love my baby, but she certainly lacks the “oomph” I need. I like hitting the road on the spur of the moment and I do sometimes get frustrated at Billie’s lack of power. My decision to buy a small inner city vehicle (basically a run-about) is certainly coming back to bite me on the arse. So, I’m shopping. And as much as a like shopping…I don’t like technicalities. What’s pretty? Does it go fast? and Bob’s your uncle…I’m a happy girl.

For today, I’ve narrowed my options down to a Mini Cooper or an Audi (and tomorrow, I’ll probably have changed my mind…but I’ve wanted a Mini for so long. It’s sassy and cheeky and very “me”. But the Audi’s just….well….oooohhh. Enough said).

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