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Wellies: The Wellington boot, also known as a welly, a wellie, a gumboot or a rubber boot, is a type of boot based upon Hessian boots worn and popularised by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington and fashionable among the British aristocracy in the early 19th century.

I owned my first wellies when I was about five. They were fire engine red and I LIVED in them.
Permit me to be a silly bugger and post my ode to Wellies on this cold and blustering winters day. I just bought my first big girl wellies. Blue with pink trim and Green with blue trim. How to wear them? where to wear them? Sheesh….search me. But wear them, I will. Watch this space.

The Bright Red Wellies

What do you want for your birthday

How about a party with cakes and jellies

No thanks came the stern reply

I`d rather some bright red wellies

Wouldn`t you like a teddy bear

So you can give it lots of cuddles

I`d rather have a pair of boots

To jump in lots of dirty puddles

Are you sure you wouldn`t rather a pair of stilts

To make you 6 foot tall

Or how about a racket

And a bright coloured bouncy balll

There is nothing you can say or do

I`ve got it in my head

For my birthday I just want wellies

In Fire Engine Red

I can pretend I am a farmer

And go off to the field

Or possibly a soldier

Upon the battlefield

Or maybe I will pretend

I am in a big brass band

Marching up and down the street

With the brightest boots in the land

So for my birthday it is my choice

so remember what I said

I want a pair of Wellington boots

In Fire Engine Red

By Gaye Algar

(3rd August 2003)

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