The List:

The LIST was created in January. I created the original blog, The Princess Diaries, to keep track of the list. Go figure. The Blog has now evolved, been renamed and has a life of its` own. Since it`s pretty much midway through the year, I thought it was a good time to look at the list and review where I am. I had to have a little private giggle when I worked through it though. It appears that I was in a VERY different place in January…so, even though I haven`t accomplished nearly enough on this list, I have come a long way in terms of my personal growth.

So, brace yourself for a brief trip into my crazy (but entirely logical) mind: Herewith, my list of all important stuff to achieve in 2006.

1. Watch all the CSI episodes

· Getting there. Missing some critical Season 1 and 6 episodes.

2. Visit Buenos Aires

· Have not started planning this. Not sure if this is still essential. I`m actually thinking of other locations Have been to the Far East and Dubai so far this year. Will possibly go back to Thailand and Hong Kong in September. India on the cards for December or January (depending when bf decides to get married).

3. Start the first 100 pages of my novel

· Yep. Page 87 and counting. Not brave enough to show it to the world yet.

4. Nurture the relationships I have with my family, friends and colleagues

· Um…Ok. Very fluffy stuff. I guess I`ve made some headway on this. It`s just been so bloody hectic

5. Smile more

· Was I on Prozac when I made this list?

6. Slow down and have more patience

· This has to be a work-in-progress (mostly because I`ve been a bit of a slave-driver at work in the last couple of weeks.)

7. Exercise three times a week

· Ok. Honestly. I`ve started walking again mornings and most evenings. Mmm…have mentioned to Ingrid that we need to start going to the Gym again next week. Uber-sexy Abs, here I come. Capitol!

8. Drink more water

· I should have made this Drink Less Tequila.

9. Visit Bali and learn Indonesian cooking while I`m there

· Uh nuh…. been there. Done that. The Far East, is the Far East, is the…. you guessed it. As a rule, I will only go back to Bangkok.

10. Go on a great South African road trip with or without friends

· Still in the planning phase. We were looking at June. Uh oh…I guess Grahamstown isn`t going to happen. We can still plan something though.

11. Learn to make one great signature cocktail

· Done. Now to try it out on some unsuspecting folks…

12. Learn to Tango

· Must find a partner first. Must have great chemistry with partner. And fantastic tango shoes (after all, that`s the whole point right. Buying the shoes)

13. Learn to be less analytical of situations

· I am getting there. Can`t decide if I`m just going with the flow or if I am too busy to care. But I definitely don`t over-analyse anymore. (Yes, I was worse.)

14. Make better decisions with regards to men

· Mmm…I haven`t quite had the opportunity to take this one out for a little test-drive. Watch this space.

15. Apply myself in the EDP (Executive Management Programme) at work

· Received feedback on my first two submissions. I`ve done well A nasty (read: constructive) comment here or there. But I`ll live.

16. Learn to LIKE financial writing it is the job after all.

· Snap. I still hate it, but I can do it in my sleep.

17. Spend more me time pampering myself

· Yes. It`s a day-by-day thing, but I`m making time for myself again and rediscovering the joys of doing mindless girlie crap (like packing out my shoe selection and the mad joys of a long bubble bath)

18. Live a more balanced lifestyle fix my sleeping schedule

· Happy to report that I am on track. I`m behaving and I`m sleeping regular hours again (I mean….I didn`t even watch the last episode of Nip / Tuck because I was sleeping. And THAT`s really drastic. BUT, Leo gave me the whole season. Happiness.)

19. Spend more quality time with Stormy and Darcy

· Definitely. And it shows. They are two very happy puppies….

20. Maintain a balanced eating plan: eat breakfast, lunch and cook supper every night

· I`d rather not talk about this. It`s painful

21. Write in my journal every day

· So far, so good. Except for the slight hiccup when I`m travelling or it`s the weekend.

22. De-clutter my life and house regularly. KISS

· Sigh…ongoing process, I guess. The problem with ADD people. There`s always something to be done.

23. You are NOT a pack animal. You DON`T have to do things to please other people. You ARE Jean and have NEVER subscribed to mass mentality why start now?

· Was I pissed off about something when I put this on the list? Can`t remember. Must have been important. Or not. Just a little tantrum? Whatever.

24. Have more dinner parties with friends

· Yes. I have. And it`s worked fantastically.

25. Finish watching Braveheart and rent Casablanca

· Ooh…no. I MUST do this. Anybody know where I can get a good copy of Casablanca? Can`t find it in any video store. Don`t want to buy it off Amazon till I know I like it.

26. Spend better QT with Ingrid and Odele than last year

· Unfortunately, it takes three (?) to tango and our schedules are really conflicting at the moment.

27. Be kind to everyone you meet.

· Have to admit that I am not always kind in what I think about people I meet. But I try to be polite and engaging. So there.

28. Got nothing good to say? Then, don`t say it!

· Uh…ok (holy hat. I had issues in January, hey?)

29. Let go of the past. It`s not getting you anywhere.

· Yes. That`s true. And someday I will.

30. Nobody like`s a perpetual Drama Queen it`s ok to be an occasional Drama Queen, though. It`s in your nature.

· I tell myself this every day. And you know what, I`ve discovered that I am actually less of a Drama Queen than MOST people. Especially women. I`m actually pretty easy and laid-back. Except when I have PMS. Then the people close to me suffer unfortunately. And I`m sorry about that. I try to see it for what it is though, and restrain my tearful outbursts to a minimum :-p

31. Moan less. Nothing is really as bad as you think (refer to no.30)

· Ok. I might not be a BDQ (Bloody Drama Queen) but I still moan. But the good thing is that I catch myself doing it and stop immediately.

32. Stop procrastinating. You`re only making it worse.

· I think it`s in my nature to put things off. Especially if it`s unpleasant. I thrive under pressure.

33. Make a point of watching more theatre and live music.

· Yes. Ok. Whatever. I am though. It`s just that, in January, I seemed to think that I would have enough time on my hands to do this. Apparently I was labouring under a misconception (and if anybody says anything about Time Management, I`ll get very sarcastic).

34. Bring my lunch to work (so you don`t eat all the other crap that`s floating around)

· In theory this should work. See No. 20. Mmm..Does chewing gum count, though? Always chewing gum lately. This quitting smoking thing is HARD.

35. Watch the sunrise and sunset more often.

· Yes. And it really is beautiful and does something for my soul. I recommend it. I`ve taken to stargazing too…except when it`s cloudy. Winter takes the wind out of my sails. But, I enjoy listening to the rain…

36. Less Java More tea.

· Uh…Ok. The problem with THAT is that the coffee pot is conveniently located down the corridor and tea-making is a process that involves walking to fetch the key, unlocking the kitchen, boiling the water, putting in the milk, etc (you get the picture)

37. Learn a new skill at work.

· Yes. I`ve learned to shut up.

38. Be even less tolerant of the bad consumer service we get in South Africa

· Doing very well here. I`ve become a regular Isobel Jones lately. And the HelloPeter website is no stranger to me.

39. Have fewer regrets about the things I did or didn`t do

· It`s hard. But I`m trying. I`ve tackled this by doing as much as I can, but thinking carefully before I do (gettit?)

40. Play the lottery every week. Because I can.

· I haven`t. That`s why I`m still here and not travelling the world.

41. Think before I speak

· Mission completed, Sir!

42. Go one at least two weekend hikes this year

· There are still 6 months left :-/

43. Read at least one biographical novel every month

· Yes. I`ve just finished reading the story of Deepthroat The Linda Lovelace story. Fascinating and Sad.

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