He’s Baaaaaaacck.

I feel I need to issue a warning with the attached post. I’m about to get a bit silly…like “12 year old, gushing and giggling” silly.

You have been warned.

The Object of my Office Affection (OOA) (As in Jean`s Office Hottie, aka, My (very) secret crush. Although, I don`t know how secret it would be if he discovered this blog and put 2 and 2 together)

The office hottie…

Sigh…before reading any further realise that every normal 28 year old female has a momentary lapse of maturity. Which explains today`s blog. Enough said.

You know how the parental units always had a seemingly simple (read crazy) solution to almost every ailment or life event that befalls you? Some of it is Boereraad and some of it is urban legend. Like drinking a tot of whisky with hot milk will cure you of the flu (uh…no. It merely conks you out and you`re non compos mentis for 12 hours straight. By the time you wake up, you would`ve forgotten you had the flu) and ensuring that you always have salt in the house because someone will actually die if you don`t which had me calling my dinner guests en route to my house on Saturday to ask them to bring salt. Lord FORBID I should run out of salt when there`s a full compliment of 5 people and 2 dogs running around, just WAITING to drop off like flies as a result of my sudden salt deficiency.

Point of the diatribe is that you really need a simple (yet crazy) solution for most everyday things. For example, right now it really sucks coming to work. Don`t get me wrong I love my job, but sometimes I need a bit of inspiration.

However, since last week it`s become marginally easier what with my re-discovery of the office hottie. With everything happening I totally forgot about him and forgot how much easier life becomes when you get to see the Object of Office Affection (OOA) at least once a day. What can I say, after a huge period of absence my OOA struck again. And I was so shocked at my reaction to him. I became absolutely tongue-tied. Me? I still can’t believe it.

And this is no obvious choice. He is not the convential hottie. He isn`t some young thing, grinning amiably about last night`s Crazy Monkey insert and wondering about his next tea break. Nope, not for me. I need to go for the complicated ones. So my OOA is an attractive, slightly older (uh…well, early thirties), intelligent man. He seems complicated though (you know the dark, broody and intense types we women fall for and eventually get hurt by: refer yesterday`s post). And has the most intense stare I`ve ever seen on a man…or maybe it`s just that I feel that way when he looks at me. He is also a Geek. But a well-dressed Geek who makes me blush and giggle.

I use to treat my OOA as a little reward. Or a treat if you will. If I`ve been a good girl, I would sit in the garden during lunch (knowing full well that he will be there and that I`ll see him. And he`ll see me. And we`ll spend some of our lunch hour flirting by remote. that`s a cheap thrill right there) and sometimes without expecting it I get more than just a walk-by glimpse of the man Gee, golly, my girlie heart…. sometimes we even stop to chat. Him, Hi, how you? Me, mumble, fine, mumble Him, You have really pretty eyes, Me, *choke* mumble….


Anyway, sometimes I wonder if I should ask my OOA to join me for coffee or drinks. And sometimes I wonder why he doesn`t ask ME for drinks. My friend pointed out that I might be giving him mixed signals (I do sometimes freak when I see him. And Control Freak that I am, I can’t handle the fact that I`m not in control of my reaction, so I go out of my way to avoid looking at him or interacting with him. I know, sad). I`m also just SO sceptical that I`ll ruin the little game I`ve been playing.

Thing is … I can`t help but be intrigued.

What to do? What to do?

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