Help me SCORE and WIN

Wanted: A Wingman to support me in my forays into the dating jungle (See post: Of Weddings and Wingmen)

Need individuals who are comfortable talking to strangers and will help to find a way to strike up a conversation and introduce his friend

If the potential love interest is with friends, your job will be to keep those friends occupied so there’s a chance for the friend to make a connection

You will also be responsible for doing everything possible to make me look brilliant, funny and enticing (will not be hard. trust me)

Payment and perks: Negotiable. A highly competative offer is on the table

Mail me at to apply and for further information on fully inclusive package and benefits.

No previous experience required. Only male applicants will be considered.

* the writer of this blog is not responsible for any silly comments made about this ad and / or incensed reactions to this blog. The e-mail address is real and the silliness is too. If you can’t handle the post, stay out of the blog 🙂

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