Drama in the AM!

Cook for friend last night. She leaves at about 11:30pm. Do not go straight to bed, start reading. Get hooked and finish a good couple of chapters. It is now 1am. Set alarm for 6am – I know I have a meeting at 8am with “The Man”. Dare not be late. Wake up at about 3:30am. Fight with Stormy. One small dog, less than 2kg in weight. Why am I sleeping on a sliver of my HUGE bed to accommodate her? Chase her out eventually. Feel bad, Coax her back into the room. It takes a while. She`s doing her Yorkie put on face. Now we`re both sulking. It is now about 3:50am. Battle to fall asleep. Read a bit. Must’ve fallen asleep at about 4:30-ish. Alarm goes off at 6am. Curse. Loudly. Snake arm out from under the covers – switch on heater. Snooze alarm. 6:15am…Snooze alarm. 6:30am… Snooze alarm. At about 7:15am I jump out of bed. Mad rush to shower. Get dressed. No time for fashion crises. Take out the I can always depend on you to make me look good underwear, suit, boots. Face, hair, coat. Feed dogs. Lock house. Drive to work like a maniac. Get to office, elevator isn`t working. I need to be on the 5th floor. Oh Sh*t. It`s already 8:10am. I tried calling. Nobody`s answering. Run to other elevator. Get lift. Security stops me as I get out of lift on 5th floor. Get strip-searched. Offer hair as DNA analysis. Verify that in no way am I here to assassinate The Man. Go through to his office. Panting, I start apologising to his PA and I ask her if he`s waiting for me. And she answers…

Jean, you appointment with The Man is tomorrow.

Sometimes it`s not fun being me :-/

At least I’m wearing the dependable suit.

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