An Ode to Geeks

In the spirit of our new Blogface, I dedicate this to 24 Geeks :-p

Wow, guys…like the new look.
Now THAT’s hot!

My geek man might have funny clothes,
His plaids and stripes dont match.
he`ll proclaim his love with a jpg of a rose
Yet I think he`s a fine catch.
I never have computer problems
my system is always fine
and when i screw it all up really good…
he fixes it just in time.

He thinks its funny how I pretend
to know about the OS`s and Tcp/IP
my knowledge on the technical thingies is always(*<) less than
For all the shit I talk about it, I`m glad he hasnt killed me.

I`m the only girl he`s ever met
that can make linux freeze
and he`s the only boy I`ve met
that when i`m with him I`m totally at ease.

I think the reason why he hasn`t proposed
though that is inconsequential, you see.
is that he was indisposed
when he didnt get gmail before me.

Its hard to be a geek man`s lady.
You have to live knowing you`re not the only love in his life
And you can`t get mad when he`s acting shady
because it`s just a machine causing all the strife.

I love my geek man.
I wouldnt trade him for another.
Though I think he could work on his cube tan
we`re perfect for each other

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