Sick of Here

Is it possible to become socially bored? I think so.

Right now I`m suffering from a terminal case of Social Boredom. For the most part I shouldn`t complain though. I have a great urban family. They are supportive, fun and intelligent and the group is not too big…In fact, we`re quite an intimate little group of about 7 people – 2 Couples, 3 Singletons.

There`s always loads of humour when we get together and occasionally we can be quite civilised. We share good food, wine and conversation. I know that if I`m in any spot of trouble, these are the people I should call. In many ways I am extremely fortunate that I have 6 friends that will drop everything to help me out should I be in a fix. Not many people can boast such a grandiose number of staatmakers.

So what`s u, Buttercup, you ask.

Why the boredom and seeming disenchantment with the nature of your social life? Well…routine is killing me. The stimulation of meeting new people and going to new places energises me and lately…that ‘aint happening. Lemme see….It`s Friday. So, at 5pm we`ll go to M-Bar for Happy Hour (actually Happy 3 hours), we`ll grab a booth and talk crap and have drinks. We`ll leave at about 8pm to hunt for food.

Predictably it`s going to be Mojito`s or Mohammed`s (do NOT knock Mohammed`s Boeries in Long Street). Done eating, we`ll head to Chilli on Long (which is not exactly uber-trendy, but it`s laid-back and unpretentious). We`ll shoot the breeze with Warren and Ronelle behind the bar and eventually head off home. And it`s nice. But it does get tedious after a while. Don`t get me wrong…we do sometimes slip out of our comfort zone and do other things…like, right now, we`re planning a little road trip.

So I realised last night, once again, that it`s not the fact that we go to the same places and do the same things because it`s clearly not that. It`s the fact that there is no influx of new blood into my group. Same places, same activities, same people. Whatever new thing we do as a group, we`ll inevitably do as the group and only as the group. In fact, the most fun I`ve had was at Leo`s place on New Year`s eve. 5 drunk students gatecrashed our party.

I loved it. They were young, annoying and stupid…but without any reservation they sat down and they didn`t mind that fact that they were ushering in 2006 with strangers. And neither did we. I suppose there`s hope. I love my urban family. I really do. I wouldn`t change them for the world. But I`m not a pack animal and in this family I do sometimes feel like the prodigal daughter. Always secretly wishing that tonight would be the night that we meet new people, do new things…go to new places?

** Incidentally, tonight I would`ve been perfectly happy in front of a fireplace, with a glass of Merlot in my hand and Mick Hucknall crooning in the background. …

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