Random Musings

Ok…why is it that you go through a vast dessert wasteland of dateless months (in my case years…sad. but true) and suddenly you’re feeling like your old sassy, crazy self again.

And in this dessert wasteland, nuh…you finally reach an oasis of sorts (bear with me and I promise not to include any camels).

You meet a guy. One person who has the courage to take on the challenge of keeping up with me. Still with me? Good. NOW…all of a sudden there are oasis (or is it oasis’s or oasi…whatever) springing up out of nowhere, ALL over the place.

Sigh…It’s raining men people. It’s raining men. And, NO, I’m not complaining…but timing sucks. Big time. Anyway, why is it that when you are kind of interesting to one guy, you become interesting to all of them?

And when you’re not interesting to anybody, you’re basically a dating leper. Do we give off some kind of vibe or something? Guys? Any answers? thoughts?

Just asking.because timing really DOES suck.

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