Male Drama Queens

The answer is quite easy. Traditionally, I`ve always thought that women CREATE drama simply to put men to the test.

Women tend to be in constant need of reassurance and affirmation that someone cares for them and wants to protect them. There is a correlation between the amount of drama a woman creates and the success of a relationship, based on these factors.

The less women believe they are being cared for and protected, the more drama they create (sometimes the success of a relationship is all in our minds as well). I`ve also found that women quickly judge how well men handle drama; this is when they determine how much patience, courage, will, passion, and other important characteristics are present or absent in a man. And this is where it all goes off the rails…

Female Drama Queen behaviour is born out of the battle of the sexes and ultimately a feeling of insecurity and that`s where most women get it wrong. Insecurity is SO unattractive. Men actually don`t care if you`re going to pout, throw things, slam doors or give them the silent treatment.

In retrospect, ladies…think on this behaviour in the past. In most cases it drove the guy away. He just isn`t programmed to deal with this kind of crap. He doesn`t compute that command aaaaaaand F1 Delete. So, I am not an advocate of Drama Queen behaviour and I hate the whole he said, she said soap-opera mentality people adopt when they are in relationships. I`m not saying that I`m not an occasional Drama Queen. Oh no…I can be.

But I consciously try to avoid that kind of poison when I`m in a relationship (besides, my kind of Drama Queen behaviour extends to stuff like, feed my NOW! and do NOT wake me up just yet).Now, having said that…imagine my confusion when I discover amongst my nearest and dearest there are some raving FDQ`s (Freaking Drama Queens). Not my mother (although the FPU basically sets the standard), not my sister, or my girlfriends. No ways – It`s the guys. My Father, my buddies, my male colleagues, the Portuguese Fish ‘n Chips guy down the right (ok, I know that it`s his ancestral right).

At first I thought I was imaging the whole thing. Conditioned for years to believe that only women will go off at a tangent, I was unwilling to think for one second that my Daddy would go there. But he did. And still does. And so do my mates. It`s a scary phenomenon. This, however, does not change their male perception that only women are FDQ`s. And to me, it`s quite a natural occurrence and I don`t think twice about it anymore. Men are bigger FDQ`s than women. Basically a statement of fact.

So, imagine my surprise when I read L`s blog this morning and he`s saying the same thing…. But he actually sounds surprised (were you surprised, or am I being a drama queen?). Which made me sit back and think…What does the advent of Male FDQ behaviour spell for womankind? Well, I guess it`s a bit of our own medicine. Men are now throwing wobblies about the fact that their shirt just doesn`t look right with these shoes. Or tantrums about the fact that they had hardly ordered X Model sports car when Y Model sports car is released on the market. And it all comes back to the reversal of gender roles…

and it`s all a bit sad isn`t it.

We started mucking about with men having to be more Metrosexual and more in touch with their feelings. I guess it was all for a good cause…we want our men to be more sensitive…. We just didn`t bank on them becoming more sensitive than us.

Now we have Brokeback.

And now we know that even cowboys can be Drama Queens.

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